Photo by Siyan Ren

Robots are going to take our jobs, unless…

Flash news, robots are going to take our jobs. Any job that can be automatized will be and by 2020 (i.e. in three years from now), 5 million jobs will be replaced by A.I. in the U.S. only.

Robots don’t complain, they don’t get tired, they don’t get sick, they don’t get pregnant, they don’t ask for raise. We are not strong competition.

There’s a good news, though: robots won’t be able to do everything.

Futurist Kevin Kelly summed it up:

“Humans are going to be very good at asking questions, be creative and offer experience. Everything linked to productivity and efficiency will go to robots.

  • Asking questions
  • Be creative
  • Offer experience

This is where we will always make a difference.

If we put our heart and mind to cultivating these three skills, we will always be ahead of robots.

Robots are coming. But we are not interested in letting that news stop us from expanding, growing and cultivating what makes us humans.

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Stay ahead of Robots.

Nathalie Sejean is a co-founder of Activate Creativity, a platform that helps people reconnect, stretch and nurture their creativity.

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