The best use cases for Facebook Messenger Chatbots!

In our previous blog posts we have explained what Chatbots and Facebook Messenger Chatbots are. We are now going to attempt to explain some of the best use cases for Chatbots, mainly focusing on what we already know about Facebook messenger Chabots.

We’ve split the main use cases for ChatBots into 5 categories.

  1. News letter

This is perhaps the simplest use of a chatbot. For example, on the Messenger platform you will sign up to the chatbot and it will send you messages every day/week/month updating you with news, or links to relevant web pages. An example of this is The Guardian Chatbot. Which can send you the top stories for the day.

2. Promotional Chatbot

This use case encompasses possibly the widest category of Chatbots, a promotional chatbot can do anything like run a competition for a holiday to New York, tell a story about a character in a video game or impersonate a famous person (The Justin Bieber Chatbot nearly closed down the internet!). As Cheesy as it sounds the only limit to what a Promotional chatbot can do is the human imagination!

3. Data collection

Data collection is one feature that will be integrated into all Chatbots one way or another, it is often not used as a stand alone and is used alongside the other four use cases. When people first on board to a Chatbot you automatically gain their name, gender and Facebook Profile Pic, but you can ask a load of question to find out more about people. This can be anything from email address to favorite football team: it’s all data that can be used and stored.

A useful use case for this is in recruitment, when you will want to know a load of information about a candidate before you decide to shortlist them, a chatbot could do this easily en masse. Mixed with the QR functionality you can see how powerful ChatBots can be at recruitment fairs!

4.Selling Platform

The Chatbot as a selling platform has a huge market, with Messenger ChatBots it means that every Facebook page can be monetised! You can easily set chatbots up to sell for example, tickets to events that the page is running. With Messenger payments in Beta in the US, this means that payments over Messenger will be even easier with everyone’s card details saved in Messenger: payments could be even simpler than Amazon’s “One Click Payments”.

5.Customer Service

This could be the best use case for large corporate business at the moment, where people who have a query message the ChatBot and get given options to narrow down what information they want until they get the answer they were looking for, or alternatively get in contact with a real person. This potential money saving this service could do is huge, as customer services departments regularly answer the same questions every day.

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