Health and Beauty Benefits of Royal Jelly

We live in stressful times. The air we breathe is polluted. Drinking even a
single glass of tap water can flood your body with more than a hundred
varieties of harmful microbes. The food we eat is laced with chemical
preservatives and pesticides that can cause anything from tummy upset to
cancer. Our bodies are constantly fighting to keep us healthy and full of

For your part, take Royal Jelly to bolster your body’s defenses.
Not many people are aware of the powerful health benefits of Royal Jelly. A
nutritional powerhouse, Royal Jelly is chock-a-block with vitamins,
minerals, proteins, fatty acids, and anti-oxidants that provide numerous
health benefits. And what is good for your health is also excellent for your
hair and skin. In this article you will learn about the many health and beauty benefits of Royal Jelly.

Benefits of Royal Jelly for Your Body
Scientists are gradually discovering how Royal Jelly benefits almost every
organ in the body and has the potential to prevent or improve the symptoms
of several chronic conditions. It contains a slew of essential minerals like
calcium, phosphorus, copper, iron, sulfur, and potassium; B-complex
vitamins; folate; and 17 amino acids including 8 essential varieties that
the human body cannot synthesize and has to derive from food sources.

Heart Health Benefits
Royal Jelly contains the protein hydrolysate and potassium that together
work to reduce blood pressure levels in human beings. This reduces stress on
the heart and prevents the onset of cardiac diseases.
Royal Jelly has, additionally, been shown to lower the level of bad
cholesterol in the body. This prevents plaque from building up and hardening the arterial walls and causing heart attacks. Benefits for PMS
This should sound like music to those women who have to endure the woes of PMS every day. According to the findings of a study published in
Complimentary Therapies in Medicine, Royal Jelly can lessen the severity of
common but distressful PMS symptoms like irritability, anxiety, depression,
insomnia, fatigue, and low sexual drive.

Bone Health Benefits
It is believed that Royal Jelly can improve bone health and prevent loss of
bone density by facilitating the absorption of calcium by the body. This
makes Royal Jelly an effective aid for preventing osteoporosis.

Brain Health Benefits
According to scientists at the Gifu Pharmaceutical University in Japan,
Royal Jelly has brain-protective powers. In a laboratory experiment, they
discovered that Royal Jelly triggered the growth of new brain cells and even
reversed the effects of cognitive impairment in rats. The scientists believe
that Royal Jelly has the potential to prevent and improve the symptoms of
neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. For instance,
it can improve the functioning of the memory in the elderly.

Blood Sugar Control Benefits
As reported in the Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine, Royal Jelly can
reduce blood sugar levels in people with Type 2 diabetes. What is more,
Royal Jelly has also been found to reduce the level of glycosylated
hemoglobin, a marker for average blood glucose during the past few months.
Anti-Aging Benefits

Royal Jelly contains a minefield of anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants destroy
harmful free radicals that lead to oxidative stress and cause cellular
aging. The faster your cells age, the greater is your risk of having cancer,
heart ailments, and other degenerative conditions.
According to a report published in the Journal of Agricultural Food
Chemistry, Royal Jelly can reduce oxidative stress and prevent premature
aging. Immune System Benefits:
Although our immune system keeps diseases and infections at bay, it can
sometimes turn its powers against itself and wreak havoc on your body. The
result: autoimmune disorders that can range from mild allergic reactions to
potentially debilitating conditions like Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus.
According to scientists at the University of Ryukyus in Japan, Royal Jelly
can regulate the workings of the immune system and prevent it from going
into an overdrive.

Benefits of Royal Jelly for Your Skin

A tube of moisturizer. A jar of anti-aging cream. A serum to combat
wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin. You can now throw away the sundry
jars, tubes, and bottles cluttering your space; Royal Jelly is one wonder
potion that will take care of multiple skin problems and additionally,
nourish your skin to make you look younger and more radiant.
Royal Jelly contains a slew of skin-friendly nutrients, such as B-complex
vitamins, zinc, antioxidants, nucleic acid, flavonoids, silicon, and
acetyl-choline, which boost the production of collagen and aid healing and
renewal. With advancing years, the skin starts to produce less and less
collagen and loses its ability to heal quickly. As a result, your skin thins
out, develops fine lines and wrinkles, and gives you an aged appearance. By
stimulating the production of collagen, Royal Jelly makes you look younger
than your age. Royal Jelly has also been shown to accelerate the production
of new skin cells and tissues, thereby healing sun-burned skin faster.
Royal Jelly contains 10-HDA, a naturally-occurring fatty acid, which
hydrates at a deep level and plumps up the skin. 10-HDA also possesses
anti-inflammatory properties that can heal acne, psoriasis, and eczema,
according to the European Journal of Dermatology.

Royal Jelly is so powerful that it can balance out hormone levels that are
out of whack. Hormonal imbalance, especially low estrogen levels, manifest
as increased appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and sagging skin. Royal
Jelly, by correcting the hormonal imbalance, can improve these symptoms of

Benefits of Royal Jelly for Your Hair
The state of our hair reflects our internal health. Nutritional deficiency
and hormonal imbalances show up as dry, dull hair that is prone to split
ends and falls off easily.Royal Jelly is full of B-complex vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6) and zinc that promote hair growth, prevent hair loss, and add luster to your mane. Vitamins B1, B2, and B3 nourish the hair follicles and make hair strong. Vitamin B5 diminishes hair loss and gives shine to your locks. According to the findings of a study published in the Annals of Dermatology, zinc maintains and promotes the health of hair follicles, thereby preventing hair loss.Many women experience hair loss when their estrogen levels plummet, especially after menopause. Royal Jelly has powerful hormone-balancing effects and can prevent hair loss due to hormonal irregularities.

Packed full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, Royal
Jelly is a nutritional powerhouse and a potent health booster. From helping
to combat heart diseases and prevent diabetes and cancer to giving you a
radiant complexion and head full of lustrous hair, Royal Jelly seems to be
the one-stop solution for all your health woes and beauty concerns. But the
above-mentioned benefits of Royal Jelly just scratch the surface; scientists
are still exploring its potential. Expect more health and beauty benefits of
Royal Jelly to be unearthed soon.

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