Healthy booze… it possible?

Many have wondered if you can turn your booze into a healthy spiked beverage if you add super-foods to it. The quick answer to this is….it depends.
 By adding super-foods, you can turn your gins and rums into a drink that will supply you with antioxidants, vitamins,minerals, and other nutritional goodies that will boost your health, add shine to your hair, and give you a radiant glow.

The key to this is moderation.

One drink for a woman and one to two drinks for a man. At this level it’s likely that you will absorb the antioxidants, polyphenols, and other nutrients from the super-foods.

Here are 10 ideas to help you shake up and stir a super-healthy booze:
1. Pomegranate in Martini
Pomegranate is flushed with antioxidants that keep the heart healthy and the
immune system fighting fit. This tart and sweet fruits goes well with vodka
or white tequila. You can also add a few drops of lemon juice to set off the

2. Raspberry and Acai Berry in Spritzer; Blueberry in Mojito
All berries are loaded with powerful antioxidants. Besides, berries are
naturally sweet. You can just spike a bowl of berries to make a delightful,
exotic drink. Acai is a luminary among the berries. It contains a potent concentration of antioxidants that fight premature aging; a particular combination of healthy fats, dietary fiber, and phytosterols that promotes heart health; valuable trace minerals; and essential amino acids. Raspberry contains a slew of vitamins and a healthy amount of dietary fiber. Adding acai berry and raspberry to rum infuses your drink with sweetness and
the goodness of health. This is a sweet drink that people who love fruity
flavors will appreciate. Blueberries mix well with white rum and club soda adds dollops of antioxidants, vitamin A, selenium, iron, and zinc to the drink.

3. Grapefruit and Cucumber in Gin
Grapefruit boosts metabolism and contains the goodness of vitamin C.
Cucumber is a great source of potassium, magnesium, vitamin K, and fiber.
Cucumber adds a distinct flavor to the drink without piling on too much in
terms of calories. Additionally, the high water content in cucumber counters
the dehydrating effects of gin.

4. Kale in Martini
Kale is a heavyweight even among super-foods. High in vitamins A, C and K,
iron, flavonoids and other phytonutrients, and beta-carotene, kale is
believed to fight cardiovascular complications, cancer, rheumatoid
arthritis, asthma, urinary tract infections, and premature aging of the
If you are not too fond of munching on kale salad, you can still derive the
health benefits of this leafy, green vegetable by mixing the juice of about
two cups of kale into your vodka. For more health, you can add a blend of
spinach, celery, apple, and cucumber into the mix.

5. Green Smoothie in Vodka
Admit it, gulping down a glass of “green” juice at any time of the day is
not something everyone looks forward to. So why don’t you “green” your vodka sometimes?
Blend Granny Smith apple, mustard greens, cucumber, celery, jalapenos,
orange, and vodka to make a nutritionally-dense booze that loads you up with vitamins and antioxidants. Tweak how much of the ingredients you use
depending on the flavor you prefer. For instance, use less mustard greens if
you do not want the drink to taste bitter.

6. Green Tea in Bourbon
Green tea is a revered super-food. Full of antioxidants, this beverage blends
particularly well with boozes. Green tea-laced drinks are not difficult to
rustle up. You can simply spike a glass of chilled green tea with bourbon
and add pureed peach.

7. Spirulina and Wheatgrass Powders in Vodka
Spirulina and wheatgrass powders are some of the trendiest superfoods
around. Spirulina is packed with proteins and healthy fatty acids while the
chlorophyll, vitamins, and minerals in wheatgrass can improve digestive
health, fight carcinogenic compounds, supply the cells of the body with
oxygen, and lessen harmful cholesterol levels.
Sprinkle spirulina or wheatgrass powder in your gin and tonic or add it in
your vodka shot. You can also add fruits like apple and kiwi to make a
fruity-flavored, healthy booze.

8. Frozen Fruit Juices in Tequila
Freeze fruit juices in ice cube trays. When you want an instant drink, just
pour tequila over the cubes, and maybe add a few ginger juliennes for a
tangy flavor. You can freeze the juice of vitamin- and antioxidant-packed
fruits like pomegranate, apple, and cherry to make super-healthy boozes.

9. Avocado in Margarita
Avocado is a popular super-food among health-conscious individuals. It is a
rich source of mono-unsaturated fatty acids-the “good” fat-that have been
proven to lower cholesterol levels and protect individuals from breast
cancer. Additionally, avocado contains potassium that regulates blood
pressure and keeps the heart healthy and B-vitamins and folic acid that
strengthen the immune system and maintain cell health and integrity.
This delicious fruit is usually eaten on its own or added to salads. You can
also add a few tablespoons of pulped avocado to your margarita to make a
creamy, healthy booze.

10. Watercress in Martini
Watercress is a powerhouse vegetable. This delicate-leafed vegetable
contains large amounts of vitamins A, C and B6, protein, potassium,
magnesium, calcium, fiber, and folate. It has more vitamin C than oranges
and more beta-carotene than tomatoes, apples, and broccoli. It has a spicy
pepperiness to it that goes well with gin with a dash of lime.

Adding super-foods to boozes makes your alcoholic drink a tad healthier than
a plain one. Besides their nutritional benefits, the high water content of
some of these superfoods counter the dehydrating effects of alcohol. Adding
them to your drink is also another (delightful and tasty) way to get some
more of these superfoods into your body. However, make no mistake these
boozes with benefits are not substitutes for your daily serving of fruits
and vegetables. So, enjoy your power-packed booze, but remember this will only work in moderation and most importantly remember to always drink wisely.

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