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Jul 3 · 7 min read

Netflix FYSEE 2019

The Story of Our Planet

Stunning visuals of natural environments span from arctic glaciers to jungle undergrowth and deep seas.

The Concept

An early sketch from We’re Magnetic showing a user pushing into the stretchy fabric to influence footage.
Initial user interaction flow.
The experience would cycle between different environments from Our Planet.
Panning footage for when users don’t interact (left), and diving deeper as users push into an environment (right).

Content and Transitions Exploration

Our first motion tests were based on the opening sequence of the show.
Early motion comps exploring the circle transition.
A motion reference for the fluid simulation we tested.

The Physical Setup

A prototype provided by Gamma for the AT Office (left) and a concept diagram for the hardware setup (right).

Kinect Depth Data

Raw data from the Kinect.
Pushing into the fabric sends depth data as an image.
Our internal Hydra GUI toolkit allows us to make quick edits and save presets.
Early tests on setup day at Raleigh Studios.

Live at FYSEE

Attendees of the FYSEE event interacting with the Our Planet installation.

Future uses of the technology

Technical experiments to showcase some of the future possibilities of this technology.

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