ACU Public Token Sale Roundup— What Does the Future Hold For the AssetChain Platform?

2 More Days Until the ACU Public Sale Goes LIVE!

The Acudeen team has been hard at work the past few months in creating, developing and sharing the news of the exciting new AssetChain Platform. We are dedicated and steadfast in our mission of becoming the leaders and forerunners of Global Financial Inclusion for many years to come, and with YOUR support, this is now a distinct possibility.

We are keen on delivering a quality product for both new and existing users of our platform. In doing so, we believe that a holistic process of development and carefully treading out strategic partnerships will be vital in the success of the platform’s overall development.

What Are We Using Blockchain For?

If you haven’t already, reading this introductory article might be a good idea: How Blockchain Technology Can Become the Catalyst For Global Financial Inclusion

As one of the companies in the Philippines that has attained a good amount of success and growing from a team of three to over 50+ employees and recent expansions in Myanmar and Singapore, Acudeen’s natural progression is to scale up to providing its services to the rest of the ASEAN region, enabling SMEs and MSMEs to accelerate the growth of their businesses by utilizing our marketplace to upload, sell and liquidate their pending invoices.

Using Stellar’s platform on which we based our CryptoFIAT token’s design on, monetary (or in this case, cryptocurrency-based) transactions may occur between individuals from different countries at a fraction of the cost and time it takes as compared to current available methods of remittance. This means that movable assets such as inventory, trademark, warehouse receipts, physical products and the like — not just invoices, can now be uploaded and sold on the Acudeen Platform.

That’s not all we have to offer, as our system uses a backend that utilizes the IBM Hyperledger Fabric. This powers the AssetChain Platform. It is used primarily for two distinct applications:

  1. Serves as the official distributed ledger for Acudeen, in which all users may view and audit data such as Profiles, Transaction History, User Integrity and more.
  2. A permissioned blockchain is utilized, therefore businesses with sensitive information above the basic requirements (Name, Date of Transaction, Success/Failure, etc) that they prefer not to share will not be accessible without a private key issued by them to their potential invoice buyer.

Who Are Our Advisors?

The AssetChain Project’s Board of Advisors

Aside from the fact that Acudeen has already facilitated over $3,000,000 worth of transactions from 2016–2017, we believe that our strong foundation could be enforced with good advisors. We have enlisted notable individuals such as Simon Cocking, a top rated crypto advisor in the world and ranks 49th on the list previously mentioned. Simon is the #1 rated expert on ICOBench. We also have Singapore-based Gregor Arn, CEO of Cheers Wallets leads day-to-day token sale development from platform improvement, token economics, promotional campaigns all the way to the actual implementation of the project. Adeo Ressi and Mike Suprovici of Founder Institute are also on board, as Acudeen is a graduate of the FI Global Entrepreneurship Program.

We’ve assembled a legal advisory team to ensure that our product is 100% compliant with the markets we are currently in and will be entering in the near future. This is led by Atty. Rafael Padilla of Satoshi Citadel Industries, a local expert in the legal intricacies of Blockchain-based projects in the Philippines.

Atty. Raf Padilla speaking at the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority Fintech Summit in May 2018

Stellar Officially Recognizes the AssetChain Platform

Our project was included in Stellar’s monthly roundup for April 2018. View the email here.

Founder Institute Webinar

CTO Mario Salazar answers various questions from over 100+ live webinar attendees about Blockchain Technology, its various forms and applications as well as AssetChain-specific inquiries.

OpenPort Partnership

A relatively large-volume transaction has been conducted as a proof-of-concept in the works. In partnership with OpenPort, a logistics company, Acudeen successfully facilitated the one of the first ever Blockchain-powered invoice factoring transactions in Southeast Asia. One of OpenPort’s users uploaded an invoice amounting to $7,500 on the Acudeen platform and was purchased in the marketplace at a competitive price within two hours, proving that it is indeed possible to create a brand new ecosystem powered by blockchain.

Click here for more information about the partnership.

PADCDI Accreditation

Acudeen’s is one of the first accredited entities in the Philippine Association for Digital Commerce and Decentralized Technologies. PADCDI is the association of leaders bringing the Philippines to the forefront of global innovation and commerce. The Association is integral to certifying validity and integrity of businesses from and in the Philippines.

Blockchain Scholarship — Future City Summit 2018

Finance is one of the pillars of building the cities of the future. Through this partnership, five outstanding individuals from all over the world are given the opportunity to participate in Future City Summit 2018, one of Asia’s most anticipated conferences which will be held in three major cities and two neighboring countries — Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and Foshan.

The scholarship applications are still under deliberation and will be announced by June 1, 2018.

JC Intal and Jonathan Grey Support Acudeen

JC Intal, a veteran in the PBA and a former Gilas Pilipinas cager, along with Jonathan Grey, who used to play for the Benilde Blazers in his collegiate days have announced that they are keen on working with the company and further developing their initiatives down the line. “Their support for our company’s initiatives to support financial inclusion will be vital to our success as we want to reach out to more SMEs and MSMEs.”, Fetalino added.

Public Sale Goes LIVE on May 27!

As we draw nearer to Acudeen’s Public Token Sale, here are a few things you might want to take note of:

Soft Cap: $10,000,000 | Hard Cap: $35,000,000

Platform: Hyperledger Fabric, Stellar (Dual Blockchain Design System)

Confirmed Exchange Listing: StellarPort

Start of Public Sale: May 27, 2018 | End of Public Sale: June 10, 2018

Contributions will be tied to XLM (Stellar Lumens) only. Minimum contribution is 100 XLM and 500 XLM to qualify for the AssetChain Referral Program.

We are currently conducting Bounty Programs (Up to $500 worth of ACU Tokens for free) and a Lottery Program on our Telegram Group: