Token Sale Q&A with Acudeen Technologies

Russ M
Russ M
Apr 28, 2018 · 4 min read

Recently, we conducted a short Q&A session with Mario Salazar, the CTO behind the wildly successful Filipino startup Acudeen Technologies. As the date of the Public Sale draws near, Mario provides his insights on the current landscape and the implementation roadmap for the AssetChain, the evolution of the Acudeen platform which utilizes the ACU Token.

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1. How will the migration to blockchain affect existing users of the platform? Are there any extra steps they have to take aside from acquiring ACU Tokens? Are they incentivized in some way for being users pre-AssetChain era?

2. When do you expect to be able to fully implement the following:

3. How does the implementation roadmap look like? What are the different milestones that we are looking at and during what month/s should they be projected to be completed?

4. What specific deliverables are being prioritized by the team as of the moment in terms of development? What is going to come out the soonest and when can users start to confidently utilize this feature?

5. What is the roadmap for getting listed on various exchanges? Do we have specific target dates for them?

6. What companies are we eyeing to do partnerships with, what is their current status/what is our current progress with them and how does our partnership with these groups benefit token investors and Acudeen users?

7. What differentiates us from similar platforms that also do SME financing? Aside from the hybrid buyer-supplier system what is our edge over the competitors in the landscape?

8. What are the biggest challenges you expect to face during the development phase and how do you plan to overcome these?

9. What are the various assets and liabilities that our project faces?

10. Where can we find the source code?”


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