LISTING ANNOUNCEMENT: ACU Tokens to hit the BTCEXA Exchange this August!

Russ M
Russ M
Aug 4, 2018 · 2 min read
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Singapore-based company Acudeen Technologies Pte Ltd. is happy to announce that the ACU Tokens will be listed on the BTCEXA Exchange this August. The ACU Tokens serve as the primary drivers which will be utilized for the AssetChain-based ecosystem on the Acudeen Platform.

BTCEXA is a new digital asset trading platform that launched in late July of 2018. Listing on the platform entails a rigorous screening process which the ACU Token was no exception to. The Acudeen team decided to list the token on this platform first in conjunction with its plans to run an Airdrop for all users of the exchange platform. On top of the existing tokens acquired through the bounty program during the Public Token Sale earlier this year, existing community members and new users will have the opportunity to earn more through the initiative and receive their tokens.

“For us this is a form of validation. It’s getting harder and harder to get a new token listed as exchanges become stricter and picky with the projects they list. We are glad that BTCEXA sees a lot of value in the work we do for SMEs.” says Magellan Fetalino, CEO of Acudeen.

BTCEXA is a member of the EXA (Exchange Alliance) which utilizes a third-party clearing system that ensures that all transactions are secured and encrypted with a dedicated team that checks 24/7 to provide stability in their operations.

The goal of the Acudeen team within the next coming months while co-developing its solution with the Stellar Foundation and IBM Singapore is to be able to provide the community with an attractive set of incentives and a succession plan for each exchange listing. We are fully aware that listing fees have reached an exorbitant price and will probably remain that way, but the team is fully committed to making the best use of its available funds, carefully treading the waters and meticulously planning out its moves to ensure the delivery of a quality product, a stable token economy and to serve to emerging markets that could benefit from our financial inclusion solution.

The exact date of the listing along with the details for the airdrop will be announced soon, so please stay tuned. We hope to further grow the Acudeen Community in the coming weeks through and empower SMEs through our initiatives in the business and also for the blockchain based ecosystem that we are in the process of building.

For more updates, news, and announcements, follow our social media channels:

Facebook: Acudeen

Twitter: @TeamAcudeen



Acudeen official account

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