Force-Directed Graphs

Acuity Derivatives
Jan 10, 2018 · 1 min read

As data visualizations go, force-directed graphs can be fun to play with; and intuitively insightful and informative — especially in an executive management dashboard. A force directed graph is a physics-based simulation of visual elements linked as a graph. Elements are acted on by defined forces setup in the visualization layout.

Forces include:

  • Repulsion or attraction between elements, subject to maintaining an approximate specified distance between elements;
  • Attraction to centers of gravity; and
  • Collision prevention.

The interplay of these defined forces make a force-directed graph a richly tactile tool for visualizing complex and dynamic linkages between concepts.

E.g. As used here to visualize the complex operational linkages between key high level trading & regulatory concepts.

See Github Gist below for details.

Acuity Derivatives

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