6 Marks & A Penny: Marketing strategy for OREO THINS + our experiences and learnings !!!

We are 6 Mark & A Penny, a quite newly found Marketing Team, which consist of 6 member, Kyriakos, Sokratis, Vasw, Kostas, Eva and Themis. In this article we are going to present you our work on #MarketingLab of #ADandPRLAB, at Panteion Unisversity. This was a task assigned by Diana Birba and Betty Tsakarestou.


Place and promotion

Our marketing strategy of promoting “Oreo thins” is to combine these small and crispy biscuits with the Greek traditional habit of drinking coffee in a continuously daily basis. We all know that Greek people enjoy drinking their favorite beverage with the company of a very special and delicious snack. This snack is suitable for “supporting” the idea of matching a cold or a hot coffee with a less sweet, small quantity and crispy taste. For this reason, our major target of our campaign is to give prominence to an alternative and a very light snack which can be eaten many times during a day, for example as a desert or an evening snack.

We will give samples to cafeterias in order to advertise our product . This way, we will not only promote the Oreo thin, but also the cafeterias. Finally we will advertise the cookies through Aegean airline and Olympic airlines because we think that giving samples to airplanes would be a great idea for customers to meet our new product. It is only natural that the majority of the passengers are adults of the target group that we are aiming at, plus this way will also be able to give the airlines staff a taste of our products since most of these companies offer free samples to their employees who are of course adults.

We should cooperate with “Starbucks” coffee company, so as to promote our product. Starbucks target market is men and women aged 25 to 40. They account for 49% of its total business. Meanwhile, young adult, aged 18 to 24 constitutes the total 40% of Starbucks sales. Accordingly, the 89% of its sales are at ages 18 to 40. This fact can help us because these ages will meet a new kind f sweet called “Oreo thin” as a snack with their cold or hot coffee. An idea like this, it will not only help the Oreo company, but it will also assist the Starbucks to offer a dessert as a gift. Also Starbucks’ unofficial slogan : inspire and nurture the human spirit — one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time, really inspires because us ourselves want to create a new culture! Also Starbucks already offer Oreo products such as Oreo frappuccino and Oreo milkshake.

Social Media Promotion

Our product will be promoted by the most famous social media ,which are Facebook, the number 1 online platform with almost 2 billion users, and 3,7 millions in Greece ,its Instagram which is the largest picture platform with 400 million users and Youtube. Firstly, our Facebook advertisement will include a variety of characteristic and appealing photographs promoting samples of this thin biscuit next to a cup of coffee. Those promotional photos will include clever quotes, such as “ Don’t you dare speak to me before I have my third coffee and fourth Oreo thin” or “ You can’t wake up without an Oreo and a coffee cup”. Furthermore, we will follow the same strategy on Instagram because both of those social networks are working in a similar way. (Facebook bought Instagram in 2012)

The idea of promoting the cookies this way will lead in a frequency of shared promo-images on everyone’s front page. As simple as it sounds, the coffee would be again the key of our campaign because it is a drink everyone loves and we think that it matches the best with the thin and crispy biscuit.

We will definitely expand with our own short commercial video on Youtube, since it is admittedly the largest video uploading platform with 8 out of 10, 18–49 years old people watching Youtube every month.


By following these steps we will attempt to create a new habit, of consuming Oreo thins with coffee and try to make Oreo the most successful cookie brand in Greece, attracting a lot of adult consumers.

Experiences and Learnings

The assignment of an essay with professional character, such as constructing a marketing plan for Oreo’s new product, was a new challenge for us. And like a challenge we faced it on the whole proccess. We agreed as a team that we are going to have fun building our plans and constructing the whole task, not allowing each other to see it as another boring thing we are forced to do, not as a chore to be done. The first thing we tried to exploit was the things we learned from every guest speaker we had at #ADandPRLAB, who in their majority caught our attention. Through them we learned how a good marketer should work, what things must always have in mind and of course how to construct our marketing plan. In our meetings we tried to follow the tips that we learned on the #MarketingLab in order to stay creative and coming always with new thoughts. In general, we learned how to cooperate with our partners in a very professional and fun way and we all think that it was a big chance and a great experience for us to work under such a formal place from our very first steps as Marketeers.

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