A Deeper Look at Musicbook

Coming up with an idea for our project for the “Digital Creativity: Apps, Games, Coding” class was tougher than we expected. Our brand new idea “Musicbook” came up through deep consideration, and a genuine passion for music.

Musicbook is an application that finds and suggests the ideal music venues across Greece (Clubs, Concerts, etc.), according to users’ musical preferences. Furthermore, it provides the opportunity for artists, musical venues, and studios to communicate with each other for future collaborations.

Therefore, we created a WordPress site to promote our application, and to convince people to download Musicbook. We decided to keep it simple, yet innovative. It’s both easy and fun to use, and it does not consist of unnecessary add-ons that will tire our users.

Moreover, our site has five different tabs to visit, with two of them being the Home Page, and the “About Us”. The key categories are the “Users”, the “Artists” and the “Music Venues/Recording Studios”. These categories are significant to us because they represent the three types of users we want to have. So, creating a different page for all of them is beneficial for everyone.

Now, let’s see how the website is structured.

Home Page: The home page welcomes all types of users. Furthermore, it provides some information about each category that the users can find very helpful. The bottom of the page also contains our social media accounts that we will present at the end of this article.

The basic info that anyone who is interested in Musicbook needs to know.
The basic information for the users who are interested in the application
Basic information for all the promising artists that want to create their Musicbook account
Information concerning Musical Venues and Recording Studios

Apart, from that, Home Page also promotes the Musicbook application, by inviting users to download the app that is available on Android and IOS.

Users: This page is designed specifically for users. Apart from some more information about how to use the application and what the users should look for, it also has some fun articles of general interest about music.

Artists: This page is designed specifically for artists. Artists will be also provided with some special information that will be really useful for them on how to use the application. With that, they will be able to find the best venues or studios according to their preferences.

A small brief of our “How to use” for Artists.

Plus, some of the hottest artists that are having a concert running will be included in a special article on the Musicbook website, informing users about their gig.

Music Venues and Recording Studios: Recording studios and music venues that look for great and promising artists will have a special tab for them also to get some useful information but also to inform Musicbook Users about their Schedule (music venues) and the Services-Prices(Studios).

Music Venues, such as event companies can post their schedule about upcoming concerts
Studios, on the other hand, can post the services that they provide and information that can help artists find the best studio for them.

About Us: The “About us” tab has all the info about our team, the Overachievers.

Social Media: Nowadays, Social Media is one of the most important forms of communication, and of course Musicbook has to be a part of it. We have created a Facebook and an Instagram account that the users can follow and ask whatever they want about the app. For more questions, there is also our e-mail and the hashtag #musicbook, on Twitter that one of our staff will see almost immediately.

Some information about where to find us and by clicking our social media plugins you will be directed to our accounts
Our Facebook account (link:https://www.facebook.com/Musicbook-146083372729565/)
Our Instagram account (Link: https://www.instagram.com/musicbook_app/)

In conclusion, during this semester we really bonded as a team, we made many memories, and creating Musicbook gave us a great time to remember in years coming. Thank you for reading.

P.S. Join Musicbook. The jam is in your hands!


Our Team (Overachievers): Maria Griva, Maria Kall, Antonis Katsis, Eva Constantinou, Nickos Pan, Thanasis Papadopoulos

Dr. Stavros Kaperonis, Betty Tsakarestou



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