Actually, we saw the problem…

We decided to make a conversation with a desperate tourist that came to us to ask where Monastiraki Square is, and he was there, at Monastiraki, holding his paper map. It was the first time that he came in Athens and he didn’t know what he will do. His name was Roberto and he came from Spain with his wife Pilar. Here is the conversation that we had with Roberto after the instructions that he took from us:

Me. You said that it is the first time that you come to Athens?

Roberto. Yes. This is the first time.

M. Tell us your opinion about the paper map, that you are holding,is paper maps helpful?

R. I think that these paper maps, is helpful only for the persons that they went to some places many times and they know from the experience where to go and what they must see. For us is not so helpful and that’s why I came to you to ask you where am I?

M. Where will you go now?

R. I booked a room in a hotel beside Monastiraki but I am very nervous with this map. I can’t find anything and this is my first day here.

This is a very small example of what faced tourists even on the first day of their vacations. The solution is simple. A tour application for vacations that you can find anything you want. Sights, sleep, food, drink, shops.

Team Members: lydia mpentros, Katerina Thanasi, Konstantinos Dragatsis, Xaris Spyropoulos

Team’s Mentor: Betty Tsakarestou

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