ArtiCo at Startup Weekend Entrepreneurial Journalism

Hello, we are Artico, the Article Community. The fisrt community for Journalism university students in Greece. Most students that have been through internships during their studies have faced numerous problems that give them the wrong impression of how article writing should be done. That is why we are aiming to create a site under the watch of the big Univeristies that “host” Journalism and Communication departments so students can finally learn how it is for them to have the chance to publish real journalistic work. Such universities are; Panteion University, Aristoteleion University and National Kapodistrian University.

Artico’s goal is to connect students from all over Greece first and later on from all over the world to share theis ideas in a multimedia way. Young photographers, advertisers, researchers and journalists can come together as one to have a chance for a high class practice of their future profession in the article writing field. They will have the opportunity to improve their skills and also gain a prestigious comfirmation paper for thei CVs that will make them stand out. It is finnally their chance to learn how to write an real journalistic article from their very first year of studies in a safe and pleasant environment; that of a university.

We also had the honour to participate at Startup Weekend Entrepreneurial Journalism on 20–22 of May at Impact Hub Athens. Our idea was voted second best by the audience and that is how we had the chance to move to the next phase and prepare it so we could present it to six very important judges. Among them was Jeremy Caplan from Townight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism.

However, it was an extremely hard weekend as the team had to work for two days almost straight in order to make the whole project come to life from scratch, with no flaws included. Also only one of us could represent the team from the Ad Discovery workshop(Panteion University workshop with Ms.Betty Tsakarestou) and one of the team mates from the startup weekend got sick. Only two people, in all, got to work finally on the whole project for those two days. At least the outcome and the experience was more than rewarding.

In addition, special thanks have to be given to our coaches who helped us and gave us their guidance. Their tips and insights upon the field had a drastic contribution that shaped the final outcome.

Voted second best idea by the audience(1st was Spam Reloaded)

To make things a little more clear, I had been personally been working upon an idea which I had the chance to develop at Ms. Tsakarestou Ad Discovery Workshop at Panteion University with Joanna Gkouma, Narine Gasparova, Denise boziki and Erasmus student Juliette Amaury. During the Startup Weekend I worked with a different team; Nick Papailiou and Eleutheria Drio.

The experience was so rewarding and will accompany mefor the rest of my life. I got the chance to create a shaped purpose and ispire people, provide clarity and motivation. I also had the chance to do some very valuable networking and connect with other people whose character ispired me and provided me with energy. I learned the importance of team working, because only when someone gets to work with a good team they get to appreciate and understand real team work. I also got to take a huge load of responsibility and get to know how to be resilient and determined.

I am looking forward for the next Startup Weekend because I know how its contribution will help me shape a more bright future.

Credits to the team that contributed to tis whole project. Their help at the Startup Weekend Entrepreneurial Journalism was more than satisfactory and very valuable.

Learn more about Startup Entrepreneurial Journalism here:

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