ArtiCo | First Approach- Google Forms

Hello, we are Artico, the Article Community. The fisrt community for Journalism university students in Greece. Most students that have been through internships during their studies have faced numerous problems that give them the wrong impression of how article writing should be done. That is why we are aiming to create a site under the watch of the big Universities that “host” Journalism and Communication departments so students can finally see how it is for them to have the chance to publish real journalistic work.

We wanted to see if the problems we detected were actually faced by the journalism and communication students. Was an internship like the one we vision really needed? Is our product essential? We created a Google forms in which almost 100 students answered and their answers satisfied us a lot. Here we have the results of the answers of 21 students but once we had from all 100 students the results did not change at all than the ones you see in the pictures.

The questions were in greek, because our primary target group was greek students. The questions in English mean(clockwise):

  1. Would you like to be part of a journalistic community formed by communicators in general? 81% YES | 19% NO
  2. Would you be interested in an Internship on your field? 100% YES
  3. Would you be interested in exchange of ideas and opinions from students that study in the same field as you? 100% YES

Of course there were some more questions, but these three were the most important and critical ones because they proove that our project is something students really need.

We also made a Facebook group. We gained(organically) 200 likes. There we posted briefly our cause and goals. You can check it out in the link bellow.

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