ArtiCO — Prototyping our storytelling.

Hello we are Artico, the Article Community. The first community for Journalism university students in Greece. Most students that have been through internships during their studies have faced numerous problems that give them the wrong impression of how article writing should be done. That is why we are aiming to create a site under the watch of the big Universities that “host” Journalism and Communication departments so students can finally see how it is for them to have the chance to publish real journalistic work.

As members of a Workshop-startup team of Panteion University called ADdiscovery Workshop,my team (Stavroula Pollatou ,Dionysia Boziki ,Narina Gasparova and Juliette Amaury )needed to plan our ArtiCo story telling plan by following the methods of the User experience map and Prototyping.

The User experience map is a strategic process of capturing and communicating complex customer interactions. The activity of mapping builds knowledge and consensus across your organization, and the map helps build seamless customer experiences.Our ArtiCo team worked in order to make a User experience map by Studying customer behavior and interactions across channels and touchpoints, collaboratively synthesizing key insights into a customer journey model and Visualizing a compelling story that creates empathy and understanding.Here is our work.

our first experience map

After the creating of ArtiCo’s User experience map we need to Prototype our Storytelling.For Prototyping we followed the next steps.After we selected an idea to prototype and identified the most important elements we needed to choose the ways of Prototyping our idea so we decided to create a Mock-Up build of digital tools or websites with simple sketches of screens on paper.We also decided to create a story of our hypothetical customer Alexa!Here is our Prototype plan.

We enjoyed all these steps and as a team we took some photos of our startup idea work experience too.

A lot of colours,a lot of tiredness but also appetite for working for fresh ideas and team work !

Our site :

Our team member stories:

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