ArtiCo-Site description & Funds\Profits.

Hello we are Artico, the Article Community. The first community for Journalism university students in Greece. Most students that have been through internships during their studies have faced numerous problems that give them the wrong impression of how article writing should be done. That is why we are aiming to create a site under the watch of the big Universities that “host” Journalism and Communication departments so students can finally see how it is for them to have the chance to publish real journalistic work.

In order to apply our idea,our team (Juliette Amaury,Dionysia Boziki,Stavroula Pollatou,Narina Gasparova )has designed an internet site.It is important to say that this site is only a first effort and we have many views to design a new one,more professional in the future.It is obvious that our site is the place where our startup idea will be implemented,so it would be significant to make a short presentation of its stucture and options.

The name of the site is : ΑrtiCo and the following picture is our HOME-page.

In our HOME-page everyone can find the social media to contact us :our Facebook page ,our email etc and as it is obvious there are also five main categories in our site .

ABOUT US:This first category contains a lot of information that every student who wants to join our site needs to know.For example: information about who we are and the ways to contact us.

About us page

ARTICLES: This category is the most significant of our page.There,all writer’s articles are uploaded.The article category is composed of five categories-themes:Personal stories,University news,Erasmus news,Events,Sports Journalism.

WRITERS:This category contains the profiles of every writer of our site.So a potential employer can find the work of each writer and information about them.

PHOTO ALBUM:It contains photos taken by photography students and the writers too.

SPAM RADIO:We intend to have a cooperation with Spam-Radio,the internet radio station of Panteion University,so the two internships of Panteion come together.In that category everyone can find a Spam radio media player and the program of Spam radio shows.

All these features are contained in ArtiCo and are the begging of a fresh startup idea in which we believe that every communication student is interested!

However,it is not only the resonance that a new startup needs to have in order to achieve its goals but also a good plan about the Funds and the Profits it has huge importance.We -as ArtiCo team- have esteem that the Funds of our idea come from our need about a professional site Developer,a professional Designer,a Graphic Designer and a Domain.For the solution of this problem we are planning to have also Profits of sponsors and other sources like:a fee for internship certification,profits from event coverage and hosting,talent and content provider to media,advertisement,promotion and Erasmus funding.

Here is a short video our team made as a description of our idea,it has the title #Communicators Unite because this was our first team name,however we changed it into ArtiCo but we also keep #Communicators_Unite as our moto!WATCH IT.

Contact us here




Our site :


Our team member stories:

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