ArtiCo | The fisrt Article Community in Greece

Hello, we are Artico, the Article Community. The fisrt community for Journalism university students in Greece. Most students that have been through internships during their studiew have faced numerous problems that give them the wrong impression of how article writing should be done. That is why we are aiming to create a site under the watch of the big Univeristies that “host” Journalism and Communication departments so students can finally how it is for them to have the chance to publish real journalistic work.

We had the honour to work on our startup during the Ad Discovery Workshop with Ms.Betty Tsakarestou as our mentor and coach. Here are some photos of our very first presentation.

At this point it is important to note that we had a different name at the beggining which was : “Communicatos UNIte” and our moto was #Young_voices_matter. The name, however, was hard for many to pronounce and understand the real meaning behind it which was: all communication and media university students to come together.

So that is when our long journey began.

This is our firts attempt to make a logo with our (not even) basic Photoshop skills we have. This is not our logo anymore but we used it at our first presentations
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