How about combining beauty with nature? What would you say if you could show the world yourself, without harming it?

Benefit Cosmetics is known for it’s instant beauty solutions. Our Motto as creators is that Laughter is the best cosmetic.We do not only work for the makeup business but our vision is to work in feelgood business. Why? Because our biggest achievement is to embrace all of our customers and make them feel confident in their own skin. In Benefit we believe that laughing means to be alive, to be beautiful, to be unique.

Life is nature, life is sustainability, life is the future. Benefit is now going green. Dedicated to Pride month, Benefit’s new attempt is to envelope all human nature by revealing and expressing yourself via respecting everyone and everything, while nature remains unharmed. Our vision is to combine the best quality of products while remaining vegan and cruelty free.

…Cause laughter is an even better cosmetic when it is ECO.




We are very exited to present you our very new products, the new “tribrid” palettes, one of our many product launches of ECOsmetics that are about to follow. The three pallets, which consist of the pride colors, natural colors and cult colors of Benefit, are 100% certified cruelty free and Eco-friendly and they give out long lasting results.

The Cult palette contains neutral shades to achieve all your makeup, whatever the occasion.

Composed of four basic eye- shadows, it combines creamy, faint-worthy mattes and shimmers finishes. Rich in pigments, velvety eye-shadows are easily applied and faded to create sophisticated tailor-made looks.

The ultra-blendable shadows have our award winning formula which allow the shades to blend seamlessly into one another, creating a perfect transition of color, no matter what shades you’re blending together.

Eco Proud Palette

We are so proud for this palette! It is made with high quality and longevity in mind, with my magnetic base which you can reuse over and over again. It is also fully recyclable and completely plastic-free!

Highlight your eyes and give depth to your look. With the Eco Proud Palette shadow palette, you can create many different looks, suitable for every day or for special occasions!

Pride Palette

Get ready for a menu full of crazy combinations! The Pride eye shadow palette has a playful design and is ideal for the moments when you really want to enjoy the makeup process. Contains 16 wonderful matte and shimmer shades, for easy creation of unforgettable makeup!

We have successfully organized global events — always following the measures against Covid-19 — to inform our audience for the environmental degradation and how we, as Benefit Cosmetics contribute in the protection of animal species. We also launch, campaigns and meet-ups to test the products on the audience and give free samples of these pallets to our consumers with every purchase of our brand.

We uploaded on our social media some challenges for our followers, where we asked them to post photos of themselves with our three new Benefit “Tribrid” eye palettes and Benefit’s hashtag #benefitECOsmetics. At the same time, we urged them to express their feelings after using these new products. Here we have some feedback from our costumers via social media:

‘If you catch yourself putting on the same two or three colors every time you get ready, it’s time to shake up that makeup bag. (I don’t mean that literally. Don’t break your precious pressed shadows, plz.) This array of matte green, hot pink and royal blue colors and metallic finishes will remind you how fun makeup can be — and that it’s probs time to find a new signature look, just sayin’’

“Just amazing colors as well as quality, almost couldn’t believe it was vegan”

For more information visit our website here, our Instagram or our Facebook page and be a part of our digital community.

Τeam: Ecologic

Professor: Betty Tsakarestou




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