Food for your mood strategic plan! Box delivery x Polishing Reputation.

BOX The company we decided to make a social media strategy plan for is Box delivery. Box is a company that works through an application / website , collaborating with thousands of restaurants and food market places, delivering food at your door! Competitors and weaknesses.

Before we began working on our strategy plan, we did a deep dive in our existing social media profiles of the company as well as our competitors presence in the socials. Our two biggest competitors have a pretty solid social media plan, so we knew that ours needed to be thought through thoroughly, and we knew it needed to be great!

We figured out that the company we chose to work for, has been making a mistake that a lot of new entries of social media entrepreneurs and plannes have been making. That, is treating all platforms as one and the same. Making the same post and using it for Instagram, Facebook etc. This plan can only get you so far.

Considering that every platform has a different audience and a different usage rate, they should be treated differently. Our solution The best way to start fresh , in our opinion was to create a fresh profile to begin with. And thankfully there was an application that we discovered Box doesn’t already use, and that was no other than TikTok! But let guide you step by step on our research and working process. Shall we?

The process First of all we should take into consideration that the foundation of Box are really strong. The cooperation with What’s Up and the character it had developed to be more student friendly, trying to follow the trends and appeal to the financial needs of its audience is remarkable and we are going to use it to our advantage. We are intending to dive into different strategies and tactics of similar platforms in order to compare them to our strengths and weaknesses. Our goal is not only to create new content and expand on different social media platforms (TikTok) but also readjust our already existing social media profiles according to the needs of our audience. In order to succeed all of the above we should follow all the trends, plan ahead and always know what’s going viral and where. Knowing the audience of urs platform is really vital in otder to succeed. Other than that we shall aim for a cooperation with social media influencers or ambassadors.

Why and how it’s going to work? Let’s start with TikTok. Someone would say we swim in unknown water but that couldn’t be more wrong. According to our research TikTok in Greece has more than 1M users and 44% of them belong to GenZ which is a major audience we aim to appeal to. We believe it’s very important to expand on TikTok because trends that thrive there are going to transfer shortly to other social media platforms, exposing us in a wider audience.

We’ll start strong, uploading a variety of videos at once following the viral trends (of course while adapting them to our product), all while making our presence on the platform known through Facebook, Instagram. Other than that, we had the idea of making a trailer which will be updated on our YouTube channel in order to make our presence known. We want promotion idea to be successful so we will reach out to bloggers and influencers who will use trends on TikTok combining them with our product and their field of work/advertisement. Through those separate works that will be connected, we will create our promo trailer, parts of which are going to be available on Instagram and Facebook as well!

Key points for success Considering that everything worked on our facor, we shall pinpoint our success factors. First and foremost Interactivity in all our platforms! Our YouTube channel will have a variety of food challenges between our ambassadors which will consist of a separate series available and to a wide audience. As for our TikTok activity, it’s going to be constant, interactive and never “out of fashion”. We will follow the trends and find ways to relate our products and services to Gen Z. On Instagram we will have a consistent and daily update plan while taking into consideration everyday (viral and not so viral)events and keeping in contact with everything that’s happening around us, keeping an informative character.

Last but not by any means least, our Facebook page will remain solid, with at least one post a day since it’s a platform that includes a bit of every age range but with the majority of its users being between Gen X and Millennials. Our goal with Facebook is going to be make the old fashioned food delivery mindset of its users to change, by making our app more appealing to their needs and wants! And cut. That was it! Bet so much reading made you hungry right? What are you waiting for?!

Go to or download the app ‘Box Food Delivery” and get the dinner table ready! Thank you for reading! Polishing Reputation

Our members:


Anna Bertsou

αναστασία σπν.

Thanos Loukos

Our professor:

Betty Tsakarestou




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αναστασία σπν.

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