Hello everyone!We are 3-Vision, a group of students in Panteion University of Athens, Greece. Our team consists of Alexandra Papadopoulou, Anastasia Laga and Markella Bilali, and we are three very active and aware young adults that decided to take action concerning one of the most important matters nowadays; Immigration Crisis. But before We talk you further into our campaign, let us introduce ourselves!

Hello! I am Alexandra Papadopoulou! I’m a 20-year-old Advertising and Public Relations student. My interests are music, films, art and reading. I love exercising and going on excursions in nearby seaside places like small islands.

Hey everyone, my name is Markella Bilali(center), a 21-year-old student in Media amd Communication Department of Panteion University. I’m really into literature, I have read countless books, and I also love good movies and music.

Hello everybody! I am Anastasia Laga! I am 20 years old and studying at Panteion University as well. I love nature and my favorite leisure activities are listening to music, cooking and football.

More on our project and aims in forthcoming posts☺️😄

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