I dig Giggidy Gig

It was one day, approximately 4 months ago, when my fellow student Dimitris Balios approached me and told about an idea he had. An internet platform which would perfectly connect bands with the right venues. I -in a sort of way- involve in the music industry and i understand the lack of time and communication between band and venue owner’s, so i agreed to take part in this brilliant idea.

Getting Started

After the end of the Ad workshop conducted by Betty Tsakarestou, Assistant Professor at the Department of Communication Media and Culture of Panteion Univeristy, Dimitris introduced me to the other members of the project, Charis Zarbalas, Danai Lyratzi, Asimina Christodoulatou & Panayotis Reppas. Then, after the role and task distribution we started working on the main idea of the project and ofcourse it’s name.

Let their be ‘’Giggidy Gig’’

Dimitris, came up with the name ‘’giggidy gig’’, which is kinda catchy and icludes the keyword of our idea ‘’gig’’. Regarding the main idea we decided that ‘’Giggidy gig’’ will be a communication hub where musicians can find venues and venues can find musicians for their live events. Whether someone is new to this or he has already been experienced in planning a gig, our team will do their best to provide a perfect match for him and the neccesery promotion for his gig.

With Giggidygig.com everyone is just a few clicks away from finding the right partner. Our constantly updated profiles, comments and ratings will guarantee you find the right match. Communication can be established within minutes. We strongly believe that musicians should reserve their time to focus on their music. The rest should be left in the hands of giggidygig.com In addition, our giggitymagazine keeps everyone up to date with the developments in hisindustry/field and provides the legal umbrella for every gig.

Our Vision

is to earn the loyalty of our customers worldwide by being the company that understands and satisfies musicians’ needs the best and helps create the space for creativity in our customer’s professional and daily life. The only thing that he has to do is to create his profile in our platform and rehearse as much as he can in order to be ready for his gig.

My role

The giggidygig team has 6 members that cover a wide range of tasks. Account Executive: Asimina Christodoulatou, Social media manager: Dimitris Balios, Account t manager: Charis Zarbalas, Editor :Danai Lyratzi, Social Media Specialist: Panagiotis Reppas. My role in the Giggidy gig team is dual. I am the account manager where I provide excellent customer services to by representing client needs and goals within the organization.I’m the primary business contact of clients in order to encourage repeat business opportunities and referrals . The main target for me as an account manager is to ensure client expectations are met. My second role is to promote the bands that i want in order to build up their careers as musicians.


After months of work we hope to create an innovative platform and make the live of every musician easier, improve the live gigs and ofcourse spread the music in every corner of Greece. Our moto represents everyone all the 6 of us and motivates us to move forward .

WE DIG YOUR GIG..!, The Giggidygig team
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