I’ ll be your tour guide

You are in a foreign country and you are looking for entertainment? Here are we ! We think about the main problem of many tourists which is the exploration, because they can’t use maps easily. So, we found a solution through an app.

An alternative solution for your guidance into a foreign country is the “receptionist guide”. It is about an app which through the maps can give instructions, but also the main idea is the fair to choose. When you download the app, you open the cellphone’s gps to find your location in case of you are or not lost. In the event of you don’t know where to go or what to do, the app enable to choose a category of different types of entertainment (food, archaeological monuments…). After the choice, the app on its own will show to the visitor all the suggestions which are close to him. So, the app provides tourists the ability to explore a region without knowing the name of streets.

The application is a smart way to explore a country without maps, just only on your phone. An example of the maps is the following:

So, let us entertain you into the city!!!

Mentor: Betty Tsakarestou

Members of team: lydia mpentros, Konstantinos Dragatsis, Xaris Spyropoulos, Marios Orthodoxou

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