Interview with Graduate pt.1 :

Meet George Geormas !

George Geormas is a graduate of Panteion University, Culture and Communications department, and is currently in his thirties. His area of expertise is Commercial and Communication, specifically brand communication.

He can’t or does not want to admit that he is doing what he truly wants. As a person, he enjoys evolving through his work, being on the hunt for new experiences.

Upon being asked whether he would consider moving abroad, something that he’s tried in the past, he believes that it can be done only if correct bases and proper working conditions are met. He does not like “walking into the unknown”.

George supports that it is a fast-paced profession- faster than one might think- and due to that one must save one’s energy, not the easiest task to accomplish, in order to avoid getting “busted”. And because something like that isn’t taught in school but is achieved through the passing of time and everyday friction, it is quite difficult to master. Surely, it is a great risk. But one must shield oneself with patience and persistence to cope with failure, a great aspect of the job that everyone will have to confront.

He enjoys working in a group and wouldn’t choose working alone because team chemistry is what creates worthy ideas. There is always the danger of failure when the team is, what we call, “toxic”.

He is optimistic about the future, without overlooking the dangers and threats of making a big decision.

George believes that creative thinking, the ability to see colors where others don’t, and the experience of connecting variables that might seem off on their own at first are the basic skills/abilities one needs in order to succeed in the Commercial field. He does not know if he’s got every ability mentioned above, but by evolving and improving his skill set he thinks he can eventually get better at his job. Nevertheless, he claims that he needs to work more on his patience.

According to him, in order to create something one needs to have an open mind. One needs to test and be tested. Creativeness and performance are both improved through time. Also, having fun while working is equally important; one might have to quit if this isn’t happening.

He considers technology essential for the work he does and doesn’t hide the fact that he is not a Facebook fan. He states that, due to the nature of his job, he spends several hours everyday on social media since he is obligated to be informed about these issues.

George says that when choosing with whom to work with, trust is the main parameter as well as one’s studies. However, talent is what will always make one shine in an interview. In his opinion, recruitment will most certainly come through one’s talent.

Being asked about the classes, one name comes to his mind; Betty. He has many memories and he considers the presentations at the end of each semester to have been positive overall. He believes that in these classes one meets inspiring people, people worth being appreciated by one and the whole market as well due to their successful course in the field.

Thank you,

George Skarmoutsos

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