Interview with Graduate pt.2 :

Meet Melissanthi Mavridou !

Today we are going to meet Melissanthi Mavridou, a 38-year old graduate of Panteion University, Culture and Communications department. “One of us”, within quotation marks, who received her MA in Digital Media and Society from the University of Uppsala. She enjoys spending her free time taking pictures, swimming and dancing.

Melissanthi started working for commercial companies in Athens. At the moment, she is employed as a freelance copywriter, as well as a translator of commercial scripts in need of a copywriter’s editing skills to be attributed to the Greek language in the most efficient way.

Currently, Melissanthi is on a transient state. In her own words, she is undergoing an exploration phase, trying to discover new possibilities and prospect in the field. Her whereabouts at the moment; abroad, of course!

According to her, in order to succeed in our field one must spend personal energy and be resilient to confront tiredness and possible failure. She strongly believes that in some cases there’s just nothing one can do; for example, a project that didn’t satisfy the client or one that didn’t get to be sold, layoffs and cutbacks due to the crisis, it’s all part of the job. Patience and mettle are essential to finding solutions and moving forward in the best and most creative way.

Melissanthi prefers working in a group rather than alone, even though, at this stage, she has to due to the circumstances. She claims that cooperating in a team is inspiring and has a positive effect on the task at hand. Therefore, a team with considerable chemistry can really bring out the best in any project.

When asked about her future she imagines it creative, not really concerned whether she’s working in Greece or abroad; as long as she is happy with what she’s doing. And that, she believes, is the key to success in any part of the job.

A job that besides creativeness also requires an open mind, flexibility and update on the constant developments; one must always be on the lookout for up-to-date information concerning technological advancements and trends, social media etc. Humor, composure and optimism are necessary for this job, as Melissanthi states. Which are all equally important as the combination of talent and proper education, if one is to reach one’s goals. These criteria determine with whom she can cooperate in her business. Her slogan, don’t be afraid to ask questions, speak your mind and your ideas.

When I asked her about Hill’s classes our conversation heated up and her face lit up instantly. “Betty and Hill are the best part of my studies”, she admits. All those memories of the afternoon classes she had; happy memories, important for her future. Memories of a lifetime. A carefree, student lifetime.


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