I don’t like speeches. I am a film-maker. Everything I want to tell or transfer to people I am doing through showcasing it at videos. But while the next video is now at the process, there is something SO HUGE and SIGNIFICATIVE that cannot be remained for any time more without attention.

PEOPLE! Do you even know what is happening right now in the world? Do you realize that we are facing the greatest humanitarian crisis since the World War II? What are you doing guys? There are more than 125 millions of people who count on us.


I was there. I saw hopelessness in these children’s eyes. And also I saw people who came here to lighten sparks in those eyes. I will put here some words of these people.

PIPI, a girl from Portugal, just finished her Bachelor of journalism, came in Athens as a volunteer for 3 weeks:

“We have mornings, afternoons and nights shifts here — you can either be serving the meals during meal times, or you can distribute blankets, because we change the old ones for new clean ones. You can be registering the people to have a meal card. You can be playing with the kids. Actually, there are the infinite things you can do here.

When I got here at my first day I was like WOW where should I start… I had no idea where to start and this little girl, she was really nice, she came out to me and held my hand and kissed my hand, and then we started playing. Then another boy came, and another one, and another, and we started playing basketball together for one hour — 20 people playing basketball — it was awesome!

You can stay as an independent volunteer or you can join any organization you want! They are all very excited about this and are always looking for help. So anyone and everyone are useful here!

The goal of all organizations/unions there is to try to give refugees the best conditions possible within the worst conditions.

I think it is something that everyone should be doing in this point of their lifetime, it is an event that will mark history forever, so I think everyone that has any free time should be trying to come, even if it just for 2 days or whatever you can you should be helping.

It is important because everyone could be in this situation. It could be Greek people or Portuguese people — everyone! I think everyone needs to put themselves in their shoes and realise that anytime it could be bombs dropped in your country and you would have to go to another country without speaking their language, not knowing anything about other continent. Just imagine us moving forcibly now to Africa.”

NADIM, a guy from France, contemporary dancer, translator, came in Athens for 10 days:

“I simply think that it is responsibility of every human being to be here and bring something to express solidarity for these people who actually didn’t choose what is happening right now in their life.

They didn’t choose to leave their country, to be homeless, to live in tents, to travel by small boats through the sea risking their own lives and lives of their children.

I am here as a translator from or to Arabic helping in medical centers in camps. People face a lot of difficulties with language barrier. Besides this, I am playing with children, somewhere deeply at heart hoping that such activities and games let them forget at least for some time about the context they are living in.

I am always amazed how these people still remain positive. They are smiling, they are curious to know more people surrounding them. They always ask questions, they are so friendly, so nice.

Children.. These children just need a bit of attention, generosity, kindness. They want to be listened.

I brought here papers and colours and we made a drawing and printing sessions and actually after this organised a small exhibition on the wall. They were happy to do something and then to share it!

Children are looking for events all the time. They are so curious when someone new comes to the camp, or if they hear someone singing or dancing they just crash them. They need to occupy their time, so mainly they are attracted to everything.

It would be pricelessly if everyone could bring whatever help he could. And it is not about money. It is about your time.”

Greece, Athens, June 2016

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