MakeUup: The website

Αs soon as the class Digital Creativity, Codes, Apps and Games began under the guidness of our teacher Dr. Stavros Kaperonis, my team (Nikos Geramanis, Όλγα Κουτρουμανου, Peggy Makrigiannaki) and I got hooked by the interest and knowledge that it so generously offered!

It didn’t take long enough for an assignment to take place, so our work started too. First and foremost, we had to come up with an idea of what our website would be. And it did come up! What was it? Something that has taken over women’s society and has become an essential tool and need for today’s women. But of course, we are talking about a Make-up website named as MakeUup!

Our goal? To help each and every woman who wants to express her inner beauty and feel more confident, powerful or even artistic! This site regards not only to women but also men, who within the years they have shown great interest for the art of make-up and through this site both of them can be helped and benefit from.

Ready to penetrate into more technical details? (Won’t be boring, promise). To begin with, we built our website through Wordpress and it turnt out that it was a very useful and helpful tool after all! Theme colour black was chosen as the content of the page is colourful enough and balance should be kept. Thus, simplicity and elegance are two of the most fundamental elements of the site.

The site contains six pages (Home, Skin Care, Contouring, Make-up, Brows and About us). Four of them are about make up and the other two explain why are we doing this and contains our contacts. The site mostly consists of vids, inside of which, experts of make up explain and give full directions and aid on various make up looks. We stractured it like that, due to the fact that many women are not experienced or do not have such a great talent on doing their make up. In this way, with DIY( do it yourself) vids , they can do different make up looks and take care of their face as proffesional make-up artists do with special products that are of course, shown inside the vids!

If you want it come and get it!

Last but not least I would like to thank my teammates for their cooperation and of course Dr. Stavros Kaperonis and mrs Betty Tsakarestou for their aid and guidness throughout the semester!

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