My Ad Discovery Workshop experience

We dig your gig

At the begining of this semaster I decided to attend the Ad Discovery Workshop, a class taught by Mrs Betty Tsakarestou. I didn’t know back then how different it would be from any other conventional class. Throughout the past four months I was able to be a part of a team and create our own start up business called Giggidygig. I was initiated to the idea of Giggidygig by Dimitris Balios, who is now our co-ordinator and social media manager. With the guidance of our professor we were able to better organise our idea and evolve it. Also our team participated at the Startup Weekend, where we had the chance to work with different coaches and enrich our project with some of their ideas too.

What is is first of all a communication hub where musicians can find venues and venues can find musicians for their live events. Whether you are new to this or you are already experienced in planning a gig, our team will do their best to provide a perfect match for you and the promotion necessary for your gig.

The Problem

Finding the right band for your venue can be a very difficult and time consuming task. Finding enough venues to provide a steady presence for your band in the market can also be quite difficult. On top of that, there are legal matters that can be quite discouraging as well as the matter of finding the right partners in professions relevant to organizing a music event.

Our Solution

With you are just a few clicks away from finding the right partner. Our constantly updated profiles, comments and ratings will guarantee you find the right match. Communication can be established within minutes. We strongly believe that musicians should reserve their time to focus on their music. The rest should be left in the hands of giggidygig.comIn addition, our giggitymagazine keeps you up to date with the developments in your industry/field and provides the legal umbrella for your gig.

Business Model

Our promotion team can help take you to the next level by providing the rightadvertisement and social network presence for your band or venue, offering professional support on all levels.If needed, we can take care of all legal documents surrounding your gig so you can save time and focus on the event at hand.We also provide specialized professionals, like sound engineers, set-designer, studio space and production personnel which, for a reasonable fee, will work to make sure that your band’s performance has the best possible outcome.We hope that soon we will attract advertisers that specialize in the music field who stand to profit from the exposure that we offer.

To sum up our mission is to eliminate the time it costs a band to organize live events as well as create and maintain a virtual presence. By organizing the musicians community through a better platform for organizing their gigs we aren’t just hoping to improve their lives and save time but we’re also aspiring to change the way concerts are organized throughout the country and help in spreading the music.

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