My Ad Discovery Workshop experience via Giggidygig

How did we start?

It all started when our professor Betty Tsakarestou gave the task of creating a startup company that would solve a certain problem. That is when our co-ordinator and social media manager, Dimitris Balios came up with the idea of He gothered all five of us, Asimina Christodoulatou, Charis Zarbalas, Christos Daniilidis, Panayotis Reppas and me and we started working.

The idea-What is is first of all a communication hub where musicians can find venues and venues can find musicians for their live events. Whether you are new to this or you are already experienced in planning a gig, our team will do their best to provide a perfect match for you and the promotion necessary for your gig.

What is the problem we provide the solution for?

Finding the right band for your venue can be a very difficult and time consuming task. Finding enough venues to provide a steady presence for your band in the market can also be quite difficult. On top of that, there are legal matters that can be quite discouraging as well as the matter of finding the right partners in professions relevant to organizing a music event.

The solution provided.

}With you are just a few clicks away from finding the right partner. Our constantly updated profiles, comments and ratings will guarantee you find the right match. Communication can be established within minutes. We strongly believe that musicians should reserve their time to focus on their music. The rest should be left in the hands of In addition, our giggitymagazine keeps you up to date with the developments in your industry/field and provides the legal umbrella for your gig.

Vision and mission of the Giggidygig team.

To earn the loyalty of our customers worldwide by being the company that understands and satisfies musicians’ needs the best and helps create the space for creativity in our customer’s professional and daily life. Our mission is to eliminate the time it costs a band to organize live events as well as create and maintain a virtual presence.

Target Market

Our target market is mainly the long tail of music bands in Greece (and other countries in the future) , small venues that either have a long history of organizing live concerts in their venue or are just now taking their first steps. Also, we see the other professionals that we employ who are relevant to organizing a gig as our partners rather than our employees. Therefore, in order to provide the best professionals for our clients, we reserve the right to decide who these partners will be.

Entering the market plan.

Using Social Media for our research ,in a couple of hours we found around 1000 bands and 500 venues with former experience in live music. We expanded our research by handing questionnaires to business owners.

We have already agreed with 30 bands ,15 venues and a minimum of professionals needed to start our website. Our strategy will be aggressive marketing (push) towards venues, pull regarding the bands.


Our main competition , since there isn’t anything similar in Greece are mostly independent bookers in comparison to which we are superior due to the scale on that we’ll be working on because of the internet platform. Working together with them for a gig is also an option. We also have great faith that our giggidygig internet magazine will help build a strong relationship with our clients and work as our Trojan horse when it comes to expanding into foreign markets.

Business model

Our promotion team can help take you to the next level by providing the right advertisement and social network presence for your band or venue, offering professional support on all levels.

If needed, we can take care of all legal documents surrounding your gig so you can save time and focus on the event at hand.

We also provide specialized professionals, like sound engineers, set-designer, studio space and production personnel which, for a reasonable fee, will work to make sure that your band’s performance has the best possible outcome.

We hope that soon we will attract advertisers that specialize in the music field who stand to profit from the exposure that we offer.

The Giggidygig team:

  • Asimina Christodoulatou: Account Executive. Asimina seeks leads to acquire new accounts for the firm and maintains business relationships with existing and potential advertising accounts. Develops presentations that highlight the firm products or services and negotiates contract terms with the clients, closes the sales successfully, but continues to maintain contact with these clients in hopes of obtaining more business from them.
  • Dimitris Balios: Social media manager. Dimitris will implement the company’s Social Media marketing. Administration includes content strategy, develop brand awareness, generate inbound traffic and cultivate leads and sales. Dimitris designs and implements the Company’s content strategy, creating relevant content, blogging, community participation and leadership.
  • Charis Zarbalas: Account manager. The job of Charis involves maintaining and building customer relationships, developing customer base with excellent support and implementation of customer relations programs, acting as lead sales expert (usually in initializing and closing sales), preparing annual Business Development Plan of the company, defining yearly targets, implementing strategies for new services and products as well as analyzing business needs and providing new opportunities for growth.
  • Danai Lyratzi: Editor. I am responsible for the content and quality of our publication and I ensure that stories are engaging and informative.
  • Christos Daniilidis: Account Manager. Christos job involves providing excellent customer service to accounts by representing client needs and goals within the organization. He must serve as the primary business contact of clients to encourage repeat business opportunities, referrals and lead generation. The main focus of an Christos is to ensure client expectations are met.
  • Panagiotis Reppas: Social Media Specialist. Social media specialists are responsible for generating and maintaining a presence on social media sites, such as Facebook or Twitter, as well building an audience through campaigns, ads and updates. Just as important as the campaigns he runs are the data points he derive. Panagiotis is tasked with making the connection between statistics and how they translate to a campaign’s success and branding .

Our Athens Startup Weekend experience.

Our startup was present at the Startup Weekend of Athens. Apart from getting 3rd place, we learned a lot, our idea got bigger and better and we got to meet several coaches and mentors who had bright ideas and offers concerning our platform.


By organizing the musicians community through a better platform for organizing their gigs we aren’t just hoping to improve their lives and save time but we’re also aspiring to change the way concerts are organized throughout the country and help in spreading the music. That’s what we do, because we dig your gig!

Little extras: our campaign video and Facebook page.

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