My app discover workshop journey: Story telling by Stavros Poyiadjis

The story begins with Lydia Chrysanthou and I, arriving to Athens from Cyprus in January. After some weeks the university begins and we first went to Betty Tsakarestou, assistant professor at the department of media and culture of panteion university Athens, Greece, work shop, I Totally didn’t know anyone . After the lecturer talked for the lesson we had to stand up and just say something for our personality. Then I met the other four girls Danai, Kathrine, Xenia and Joanna. After our first meeting with the team, my idea was this production company in order to have a big amount of things to do. we came out with a great idea.

Our first meeting !

Cathrine came up with the companys name ‘’mix and match’” as we are people from Cyprus and Greece. A production company and I said I could make the logo and all the designing for the company.

Logo of the company

Then we started looking for different ideas and a concepts of our last project and what the company will be about . We came out with a great idea and Danai suggested the Righno Campaign. Then everyone found it challenging. We started to work on this project immediately. We created our Social Media pages, and me and Xenia were the Media Managers for all Media accounts (Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn) the whole duration. As Lydia, xenia and Joanna were creating them. Then, almost every week we had meetings to talk about our project and find solutions about the possible problems of the company.

Joanna and Danae designed the official website about the Rhino campaign but unfortunately we decided to leave this concept as we couldn’t find some ideas to work on and make it true.

Then we changed our minds, we had a new “client”, a photographer from the UK who decides to make an art exhibition in Greece. This “persona” named Taylor will design his own event through us! Our star and each persona, can download the event-planning app in all smart phones. As we finished the steps to our persona we presented to Mrs Tsakarestou as a draft the way the company works and some problems that may take place while event is been organized.

In our last presentation, we realized that everything we learned was helpful and the result was great and we blended perfectly as a team.

Also, my idea waw to invite at the final class presentation Andreas Chrysostomou a friend of mine, who was in the Erasmus program a year ago, to come a speak as a client of our company in order to make it more realistic.

At last I have finalized the last power point and made the animations of the letters and the images. I loved the job. Was really inspiring.

As I can see we really matched as a team because each one of us has skills in different subjects of. The main idea so we helped each other in order to make the company success.

Meet the team!

If you are curious to know better my adorable partners I talked you or me visit here: @danai kontitsi @Ιωάννα Θανάση @Xenia Ntavranoglou @Katerina tsigrd @lydia chrysanthou

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