One tasty challenge

Somewhere before Christamas, my team (Nikos Geramanis, Όλγα Κουτρουμανου, Peggy Makrigiannaki and I)got an announcement for a new project for our Marketing ad discovery lab! This project was something different, more realistic and creative than any other previous project. It was about our beloved brand of cookies, Oreo, and a new product that was about to be launched,Oreo thins. The challenge that was given to us was to make a presentation about this new Oreo and how we could promote it. Me and my teammates got very excited about it because it was a chance to work like real marketers. So, we started working without wasting any time. We went by the book and did a full research about the company’s history and the products.

This new Oreo was something totally different. It was like the classic Oreo cookie but more crispy and thin. This innovation was made because the company wanted to target the adults as group of consumers, something that they haven’t done until now. So we focused a lot on the adults ,as a group of people, and their needs.

Let’s start with the basics! When you are older ,you take care of your health and you try to be in shape, so you always eat something healthy with less calories but this things usually aren’t that tasty. There comes Oreo thins. A light snack for the whole day with less calories than the original and still very tasty. Another thing that makes it approachable is the price it is cheaper than other cookies, also a motivation for the adults especially in our days with all the economic problems we face in our lives. Finally let’s not forget that Oreo as a brand brings out your playful self, your inner child and I don’t think there is an adult who doesn’t have the need of that.

On the other hand, one thing that we noticed was that this market of light snacks was full with competitors and strong brand names almost equal to Oreo. So we began thinking new ways of promoting our product. We had a meeting for brain storming, a bunch of ideas came through our minds some had been done some hadn’t and some were new. Our main point was to show focus in covering the needs of our target group and showing the strong points of our product. We thought of a campaign called “spread the joy to employees” and for that Oreo could cooperate with other companies and sharing the Oreo thins at the office in a lunch break. Furthermore one more action we thought was to come in touch with some well known gyms and personal trainers in order to show that the new Oreo can be combined with a healthy diet and exercise as a treat at the end of your challenging week.

Of course we couldn’t leave out the social media such as instagram and youtube and facebook so our idea was to promote some challenges like #treatyourOreoself or #figuerup gesture that will happed with the help of some famous youtubers and instagramers and this challenges will have some rewards.

We made also a swot analyses of the new product in order to so show strengths and weakness like this:

Finally for our presentation we gathered some friends and made an amateur video like an advertisement sample of the Oreo thins in the daily lives of people.

We conclude our project some days before the final presentation at the lab and we were very pleased with the outcome. Lastly I want to thank my teammates for the cooperation, as well as our teacers mrs Betty Tsakarestou nad mrs Diana Birba for their useful advice!

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