“Oreo Crispy & Thin” Project by LadyBugs

As the semester came to its end, we had to deliver the final exercise at the Marketing Lab which was to make an activation plan, including a lot of creatives ideas, in order to support the launch of a new Oreo product in the Greek market, Oreo Crispy & Thin.

It was almost two months ago when miss Giota Moschou, brand manager of Oreo in Greece, came to our lab, announced us the launch of the new product and gave us the chance to taste it first (!), as well as, the brief and the plan we had to follow:

After the class, me and my mates in the team walked around the city discussing about Oreo cookies. We shared some good ideas but we knew that we had to make something better, so we started right away.

The first thing we did was to make a good search about the history of the company in Greece and worldwide, too. After finding all the necessary information, we searched all the possible competitors in the Greek market and we analyzed them.

We put down everything we found and we started the brainstorming. We knew that this time, the brand wanted to approach a different target group and give a new dimension at the product. That’s why we had to work hard in order to accomplish not only customers’ needs but also company’s goal.

After a lot of working and thinking we came up with some very good, at least for us, ideas not only for the social media, but for the offline world, too.

First of all, in the media world, we decided to collaborate with a famous personality, like Mary Synatsaki. The selection of the person was based on our target group, which is female adults from the age of 25 and above, caring about their body and fitness, who need some time with themselves.

We decided to choose this persona because we want to attract adult consumers, whose decisions are conscious and they would not buy the Oreo thin unwisely, like it would happen in a younger age. They would buy these cookies because they are similar to their personalities which are sophisticated and playful, exactly as Mary Synatsaki. At the same time, Mary is modern, like Oreo Crispy & Thin, a good listener and a good advisor as she has studied psychology. In other words, she is the appropriate person to spread up the idea that the new crispy and thin Oreo can make people feel better and relaxed in a difficult moment of the day only with a bite from this sweet cookie.

What we want from Mary Synatsaki is to post pictures of herself and the Oreo Crispy & Thin at her social media with the hashtag #thin(k)Oreo (Facebook and Insagram). She will have the freedom to choose the frequency of the uploads and the only thing we ask for is to have Oreo Crispy & Thin as a companion.

We, also, want to create a Youtube spot with Mary Synatsaki, in which she wakes up in the morning and after she leaves her home, she goes straight to the kiosk and buys determined, consciously and spontaneously the Oreo Crispy & Thins. She eats one at different times of the day. In this way we spread the message that the Oreo package contains as Oreo thins as she needs to get through her tough day. Also, it proves that these cookies may be thinner but they offer the needed sweetness with less calories than the normal ones, while the package is so convenient it fits in every woman’s bag.

Another thing that we will do in social media in order to promote Oreo Thins is a contest in Oreo’s Facebook page. We will ask people to participate in the contest by sharing their personal recipes with Oreo thins with the hashtag #thin(k)Oreo. The contest will last a month and at the end the one with the best recipe will have the chance to present it in a video on Oreo’s Greece YouTube channel and also win cookies for a whole year.

Furthermore, we had some ideas for the offline world. The first one is to offer Oreo thin cookies in all women on the International Women’s Day, on 8th of March. It’s a remarkable date for every single woman and that’s why she deserves to taste the uniquely sophisticated and designed for her Oreo. So, Oreo thins will be given in many popular and crowded streets of our big cities, spreading the message that every single woman deserves something sweet and at the same time healthy not only this day, but every day of her life. Therefore, this light dessert will be given only to women because it is something she can reward herself with, every time she needs it without being afraid of gaining weight.

Our last idea is about the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center. We will offer Oreo thins to the visitors, who mostly are professional and delicate adults. We are interested in them as they match perfectly our new product, which is now more sophisticated but fun also. So, we thought it would be a good idea to approach them as they definitely have the need to relax enjoying something little that will make them more cheerful and playful.

To conclude, we believe that this project was the perfect one we could take over. We worked hard but we laughed a lot during the weeks before the final presentations. We are sure that we made our best and we really enjoyed it. Finally, we would like to thank our teachers and mentors Betty Tsakarestou and Diana Birba for all the advices they gave us and the things they’ve learned us.

Our team: smaro koveou, diana ts, Ioanna Chatzimanolaki, Ευδοκία Φωτιάδη, Iliana Chalimourda

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