Non-profit organization PetMe, which is an internet platform and also an app, helping people find their “suitable” dog to adopt from an animal welfare, has spread around the Internet. Our team has been posting and uploading all sorts of information (posts, photographs, events) all over Social Media. This is how we began:

PetMe team started off on social media, by creating a Facebook page ( We invited all of our “friends” to join and like our page, in order for our organization to start becoming popular. We currently have 151 followers on Facebook. Here is an example of our posts:

Day by day many people joined us, and then we decided to continue our social media route to Instagram. We, ourselves, took every image we uploaded. The dogs we photographed at the beginning, were on roads or simply left anywhere. But since we changed our initial though and completely alterated our project, we only needed to photograph dogs that were saved by the animal welfares that we collaborate with. Instagram was our favorite media as we also enjoyed the process of shooting dogs and posting them for others to see their misery and try to motivate them. Our profile reached nearly 60 followers. Below is a sample of our Instagram page:

We also have a Twitter account (, which we used less, because our starting audience (people we knew, friends, family, co-workers) was mainly on Facebook and Instagram.

Last but not least, we created the app, which has an application form when used by mobile phones and a website form when used by a PC or computer. We analyze our app functions meticulously at our Prezi presentation ( Stay tuned to learn more …

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