Petme is a non-profit organization which was formed by a six-member team . The idea came up in the Ad Discovery Workshop where Mrs Betty Tsakarestou mentored us and helped us blossom.

Through this experience, we have created a User Experience Map. By vizualising our ideal user we managed to understand better what we have to improve but we also looked into the problem we would like to solve. This way of working gave us the opportuinity to be more sure about ourselves and be more confident about what we are trying to accomplish.

In this prezi link you can find our team’s User Experience Map:

It is noteworthy that we have totally changed our initial idea after we got feedback from our coworkers and our mentor in the workshop. Even though we were really excited about our early idea we have soon realized with their help and their comments that we should change the direction of our project. So, we did.

It is beyond a doubt that the User Experience Map and the feedback we got was helpful and without it we would be stucked with an idea that we could not develop. As a member of this team but also as an individual I totally recommend people, who are constructing their own idea, to be open minded and accept all the comments, positive or negative. In addition, this experience helped me think a little more and not insist, just discuss, take notice of every comment and think how our idea could possibly work in real situations.

What I do not forget is our MOTO which has followed us from the beginning and has not changed:


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