PETME is a non profit organization which was created by a six member team. We definitely enjoyed the Discovery Journey. First of all, by working as a team we came closer to each other and learnt more by one another. In the beginning we were undoubtly lost! A whole new world was laying in front of us, a world of creativity and knowledge that we didn’t know how to deal with. Soon we realised that only through hard work (but still creative work) we could manage.

We also learnt how to count and believe to ourselves, how to create something completely on our own, how to give life to our ideas and mostly how to believe that our ideas actually worth.

The day that we presented to our fellow students our completed project we have already started planning our next move with first priority to create the app for the PETME campaign. This is why we started contacting many animal welfares (in Athens to begin with) and we have already trying to enhance our idea by providing an extra service to our clients, the delivery of their new pet at home.

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