PetMe Campaign

Hey everybody! I would like to share with you my personal experience for having an AD Discovery Workshop with Mrs Betty Tsakarestou.

My team is six-girl membered. We all achieved a good communication in every single level. We absolutely enjoyed this new experience because we chose to highlight a problem that has been torturing our minds for long time ago.

Our campaign, named PetMe, based on stray-dogs problem had formed the plan that we were going to pursue from the very beginning as well as the problems we would like to enhance.

Unfortunately at some point, we realised that we lost the main point of starting up that non profit organization. We understood that instead of doing something to help solving the problem — at least as much as we were able to — we were just been enhancing it.

In the first presentation of our work we created a video that had only one aim: to sensitize. It was made of stray dogs’ photographs with some text and classical music. Here you can see the video:

We photographed the stray dogs that we found on our way and tried to make people sensible in the sight of an abandoned animal. The people that saw the video — our mates — asked us: “How do you really manage with the stray dogs that you find?”.

We were just showing the fact without providing any of solutions. We were kind of pathetic viewers and replayers of a plague where no one does anything.

And that was the time that we decided to change our project’s direction.

So we adopted the thinking of creating an app, to help people find the best type of dog that mostly suits in their personality, because we should never forget that dogs are more like humans and sometimes more humane than even humans are. So the people who deal with the real problem of finding a dog and do not desire to buy one — and that is something that we support — the only thing that have to do is to sign up for free on the app and by answering some questions, the right dog will appear in front of their eyes.

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