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Our team W.T.F had an assignment for our “Advertising and Public Relations Laboratory” . We have reached the final year of our studies in the Department of Communication, Media and Culture in Panteion University and during this time we have learnt a lot by experience. The task that we had to carry through with was the famous brand Pitsos. A new campaign had to be designed for the client in order to promote the new IoT- smart products that Pitsos would soon be launching in 2018.

The ideas that we came up as a team with will be presented here right away. To begin with we had many ideas and we weren’t sure which one of them would be the most appropriate one so we considered that we should elaborate two ideas.

In our campaign we tried to make good use of all the ways, media and channels that the products could be promoted. So we used many platforms such as TV, social media, digital campaigns, events OOH, , Print and Special Partnerships in order that we made known to the clients of Pitsos about the Home Connect Technology and the augmentation of sales to youthful audiences without altering the brand’s esthetics.

Though it may seem incredible, this project was a real challenge since we had to contemplate ways of being creative, provide innovative and smart ideas and come up with original concepts that come across with people’s insights.

We tried to visualize what we had in our minds as copywriters and take our ideas a step further.

Tvc (bank robbery)

The message that we tried to deliver with our tvc spot was that having the Pitsos Home Connect App, your home and your electrical appliances are under your control no matter where you are and under any circumstances.

So our first scene shows a mother and daughter in law at a bank using pitsos home connect technology while waiting to be served. All of a sudden a robbery occurs and the two women instead of acting panicked, keep themselves occupied with home connect because everything is well calculated.

The robber wondering what is wrong with the 2 women

Print Pitsos

Pitsos Home Connect is everywhere with you, like the keys of your house. No matter where you are or where you want to go, you carry it with you.

Home Connect: The Key to you Home
Home connect and Pitsos appliances are like the keyring to your keys: everywhere you go, you carry them with you.

ΟΟΗ Pitsos & Home Connect:

Takeaway your Home

It could described as a billboard, just like the way you takeaway your coffee to go, you use the home connect app and you have your house everywhere with you.

One more idea that we tried to visualize was:

If you could be anywhere else your home, where would you be? We tried to answer this seemingly simple question, since the Home Connect App gives you the opportunity to save more time, while you are far away from your house, you can manage all the housework. Now you can have all the time for yourself, your friends and be more relaxed. You could be out and make coffee in your house, check the fridge via mobile and many many more.

Where would you want to be if you weren’t home?

All of the above mentioned are feasible thanks to Pitsos Home Connect Technology.

We considered that our OOH idea would be ideally promoted in bus stations.

Event Pitsos & Home Connect (Traveling through time)

We decided to put on an exhibition concerning the evolution on Pitsos appliances and architectural design through the decades.

The style of each era, new designs every decade.
A voice as if a robot speaks would explain how does Pitsos Home Connect function

The last room referring to the present will be futuristically designed and there will be tablets in order for the visitors to interact with Pitsos Home Connect Technology.

Team: W.T.F. — Worth The Fight

Consisted of:

  1. Agis Lamprakis ,
  2. Eirini Zaveli ,
  3. Filitsa Makri/Moutousi ,
  4. Katerina Kaouni ,
  5. Katerina Kanellopoulou ,
  6. Xenia Ntavranoglou
    Special thanks to: Giannis Sorotos, Eric Parks and Katerina Vlassopoulou




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Katerina Kanellopoulou

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