Prototype Worksheet


After creating the User Experience Map we thought of allowing users to create their own accounts within our site as a platform of interaction. However, later on, we realized that partly due to technical issues involved, and partly due to the growing popularity of social media, that it would be at our best interest to encourage our users to use our Facebook page and messages, as well as other social media, such as Instagram and Twitter, as a way to interact instead.

Another idea that came up, was to use the popular trend of hashtags to make it easier for users to find the source of the quote by a simple “click” on the link attached by the hashtag. We decided that it would be more helpful if our hashtags were categorized by the genre of the book.

Furthermore, although we were faced with the difficulty of creating a professional site due to the lack of technical help, we tried to make our site more user friendly by changing its template and making it easier to use by creating a “blog” format. In addition, we added a “Worth Reading For” section, where personal reasons for reading a particular book are stated, instead of the usual infamous summary of that book.

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