Quotivation project

Our storytelling!

Our storytelling begins with a girl(Nasia) who is scrolling her Facebook news feed trying to find something interesting to read.Suddenly,Nasia discovers a recent link that Meni has shared.This link caught Nasia’s attention because of the text written as a title of that “Keep your friends close,but your enemies closer”.The text that grabbed her attention was a very interesting quote from her favorite book!So she followed that link and a website called “Quotivation” was opened!

By scrolling down this quotivation website,Nasia discovers more and more interesting quotes from her favorite books,also she discovers information about the author and the book itself. She is surprised due to the fact that she found a website which offers a variety of info and services from her favorite books alongside with information about the authors.She likes the post on the website and she shares it on her Facebook page!! https://www.facebook.com/Quotivation-246913655670232/videos?ref=page_internal

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