Reebok project: “We are the REE”

The Story of The Reebok Challenge

During spring semester, we were asked to product a communication strategy and to present our innovative ideas about the new pair of Reebok’s shoes, Classic Leather Legacy.

Firstly, in order to construct a more comprehensible and realistic customer journey mapping, we decided to build a persona. So, our persona is Gregory, a Fine Arts major in Athens. He likes to keep up with the trends of our age when it comes to music, fashion, fitness or brands, which dominate. Also, he is a fan of modern and intertemporal items, which means that he likes to buy and consume things that have an acquisition value.

While investigating the consumer market, we found out that the process of buying, consuming and putting your trust in a brand is a little bit complex. What I mean is that, initially, the consumer get to know the brand either through advertisements or stores and then he starts thinking about it. After he makes a research, he buys it and starts using it. And this is how he gradually starts having confidence in it.

About Reebok

First things first, knowing your brand is very significant in order to create a campaign. To do so it was needed to find out the story of the brand, its vision, missions and strategy points and also what makes this brand special (USP analysis). Then we personalised the Reebok and we characterised it as curious, unexpected, witty, daring and provocative as if it was a real person. After personalisation it was time to get to know with the new product and become members of Reebok’s new era.

Key Influencers- Content Creators

New era of Reebok has been very inspiring in order to choose our influencers and content creators. The main idea is that all are different but at the same time they have something in common; they are all unique and authentic just like Reebok. After many online team sessions we came up with our main influencers that we thought that they could represent properly our campaign message, which is creating your own legacy. With main message “We are the #REE” we aim to create a community in which everyone through art, gaming, fashion, sports can show how authentic and different is and eventually create their own legacy. Our key influencers are Sakis and Alekos Karpas (or UnboxHolics) who are the most successful and well known gamers/unboxers/YouTubers in Greece, Olga Piliaki, who represented Greece in 2008 Olympic Games and she is very active on social media, Lex, an unconventional rapper before it was cool, STMTS (Stamatis) who is spray-paint artist, Savvas Poumpouras, a TV persona and, last but not least, Evelyn Kazatzoglou, a fashion blogger because Classic Leather Legacy sets a trend.

Strategic Plan and Tactics

After the analysis of the key influencers and the content creators, that we chose to represent the Reebok brand, the floor is taken by the analysis of the strategic plan and the tactics that we followed, in order to fulfil the communication «triangle»: awareness, consideration, purchase. Our main goal was to put the «Classic Leather Legacy» in the spotlight and be presented as the leader of our idea.

In our fast-paced society, where everything is changing rapidly and nothing remains the same, the «Classic Leather Legacy» is keeping a timeless point of view, combined with relevant elements. So, we though that this kind of evolution, this kind of statement, should not be sidelined, but at the opposite should be celebrated, with an alternative and at the same time extreme way! The first thing that popped into our minds when we had our brainstorming, was the gaming philosophy and the diversity that this territory brings within. We wanted to make the «Classic Leather Legacy» be part of something great. With a few words, to be part of a new world…the world of gaming! But our key strategic point was to focus not on the gaming territory in general, but on a specific platform…the Fortnite video game! Why we chose this specific guideline? As we all know Fortnite, in not only a video game. It’s a legacy! It’s one of the most well-known platforms in the world, especially in young ages (Generation Z) and it manages to combine elevated digital content, with custom made experience and at the same time to create a powerful network of people that want to engage, collaborate, interact and of course have fun! Many popular artists, such as Travis Scott have already made their tribute, by using the Fortnite platform. But the most significant strategic point that we wanted to embrace, was that this platform can bring to the surface something old and convert it into something new and innovative, creating in this way a loyal audience.

So, we came up with the creative idea of «The Reebok Party», in order to raise awareness and succeed a holistic Reebok experience. Our main goals are always to fulfil customers’ needs and preferences, to keep up with the trends and of course to think as much outside the box as possible! The idea of «The Reebok Party» was to organise a big launch event in September 1st, through Fortnite environment that will locate the «Classic Leather Legacy» in the center. We also though that the event must keep its digital character alive, due to the pandemic COVID-19. It’s a critical factor that we should not neglect, under any circumstances! So, let’s take a closer look…All Fortnite players can access to this new wave and be part of something great! They will be able to feel the Reebok vibe and experience something totally different, through their favourite video game and at the same time engage with their friends and of course the «Classic Leather Legacy» shoes.

Reebok Fortnite event
Reebok Fortnite event

Key Partnerships

Based on our main event at Fortnite “Reebok Party” , we decided to create a collaboration with Tik-tok platform.

More specifically one of the main keys of Fortnite, is the dance moves that the avatars do while the player is picking with one to play with. So our main idea, is to transfer some of these dances from Fortnite to Tik-Tok. In more detail,we picked , the 3 most popular avatas , “The Orange Justice” , ”The Floss” and “Hype”, with the intention to choreograph their moves into a Tik-Tok dance . The song playing on the background is not predetermined so that each user can pick on their own.

Each dance video , will be accompanied with 3 hashtags , from which the two will be the same for everyone and they are the: #wearetheree and #classicleatherlegacy.

Although, because we wanted to create a challenge and make it more viral but also inform a bigger audience about our dances we decided to also user our influencers in this partnership. More specifically, our influencers will be the first ones posting our dances. By wearing the Classic Leather Legacy shoe , they will be dancing in one of our 3 choreorgaphies and inviting their audience to join their team . That’s our third and last hashtag, which will place each of our user into one of our influencers team. For instance, if they choose the team of Karpas the third hashtag will be #teamKarpas , if they choose Evelyn , it will be #teamEvelyn etc.

Media Investment Split

So, reaching the final stage of our project, we decided how the money would be distributed. We decided that most of the amount of media split (50%) will go at the Fortnite event,as we know such an event is quite expensive. In addition, we decided to give a significant part of the amount of our campaign(20% on each), to the influencers who will represent our brand on the tik tok and instagram platforms and 10% to our YouTube influencers because we believe in them and their presence at this platform is very significant and value.


To sum up, at the last stage of this work, we made a short summary of the steps we followed in order for our team to succeed in our strategic plan.

More specifically at the first step, we collected data and general information about the brand and the audience that aims to target. Then we created a customer journey map in order to understand customer’s needs and preferences. At this point we struggled a lot as it was a long and an unfamiliar to us process, but eventually we got over it.

The next steps were quite creative as we decided on our strategic plan and chose the influencers we would like to work with. At this point we also spent a lot of time, as we tried to select people who are liked by the whole team, something that isn’t as easy as it may sounds.

Afterwards we came up with a creative idea in order to construct a connection pillar between Reebok’s main strategy points and our strategic plans.

Definitely one of the most fun moments of our project was while our team came up with the idea of the creation of the event, that would be take place in the Fortnite environment. Last but not least, we couldn’t ignore the trends of the time so, we all agreed to combine the Fortnite video game and the Tik-Tok platform, in order to create a powerful network, not only in the gaming territory but also in the social media world.

Our AD&PR lab experience

Now it is about time… to sum up our whole experience and to express our feelings about the overall learnings and discoveries we came across in the “Strategy and Social Media Lab”.

Moreover, throughout the semester, we had the opportunity to come across and to be introduced to material and significant information that would be important and useful to us in our future business carrier. Not only did we managed to complete interesting small projects throughout the semester but we also had the chance to learn and collect important data by completing them. Our team discovered the use and the importance of the Strategy and of the Social Media in the business world. We were lucky to meet, to communicate and to attend in presentations made from people of the field — sharing their personal experience and material from their working field. People from well-known companies such as Reebok, Spotify, UM Greece etc.

All in all, we were lucky to have the opportunity to participate in a Lab like this, having the chance to be introduced to significant people from the field we are interested in and having the chance to come across with imperative material and data that would be very useful for our future carrier.

Eva Anagnostakou Christina Dry Stella Zachou Dorina Papanikitopoulou Evi Titiki Migena Tsouka Betty Tsakarestou Lina Kiriakou



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