Hello everyone and welcome to our project!

Being in our third year of studies, in the course of Marketing, Mobile and Digital Lab, we came across an interesting challenge. More specifically, this project has provoked us to create an innovative brand that will raise awareness and follow the trends of today’s society.

About us

Our group consists of seven young, ambitious and enthusiastic students, who love to explore new trends related to gastronomy. Throughout our personal experience, we have observed that many of us (students and employees) don’t always have the time to prepare and enjoy our breakfast. Thus, we came up with the idea of creating an application that will satisfy the needs of such individuals.


But let’s start from the beginning. Having conducted a primary research, which was later enhanced with a secondary online survey, we collected data about people’s breakfast choices and preferences and according to these results we created “SnoozEat”.

“What is SnoozEat?” you may well ask. Good question, but we will get to this later on.

Let’s have a quick recap of the process.

Before we put our idea into action a quick review of the basics of marketing strategy theories was essential in order to understand the concept of our project. Moreover, we analysed the 3 P’s (Product, Price, Place), we made a SWOT and PEST analysis that helped us create our brands’ target group and persona. The next step was to make a positioning plan and establish our USP (Unique Selling Proposition) in order to stand out in the market. Our brand values are major importance and define the essence of “SnoozEat”.

Our creative rationale started with the idea of merging the digital alarm clock “Snooze” with the habit of eating breakfast and drinking coffee. This is how “SnoozEat” came to life. We chose our brand to be represented by a rooster in the colours of dawn which is followed by the slogan “Good morning! Your breakfast is ready”.

What is “SnoozEat”

Now let’s talk about “SnoozEat”. With this application you can preschedule your breakfast according to your taste and mood. The customer will be able to choose among a weekly, a monthly and a pack of 15 meal subscription; in this way ensuring a healthy breakfast at their doorstep everyday of the week rain or shine. Our team has selected some of the finest catering services in Athens in order to deliver delicious and value for money breakfast dishes right to your doorstep.


Using digital tools we were able to find a way to promote our application. We came up with a script enhanced by a storyboard that will be used as a TV ad. Our main idea was the daily morning routine of a young man, who due to his busy schedule doesn’t find the time to prepare his breakfast. So, in the next scene, we watch the same man waking up, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, as he glances at his old coffee pot. He is now looking forward to beginning his day with something new and different. It doesn’t take long before his prescheduled and pre-ordered breakfast arrives at the time and the place that he has chosen. When the doorbell rings he opens the door to see that the delivery boy is dressed up as a Buckingham Palace guard, according to the young man’s breakfast choice: English Breakfast.

It is well known that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and many of us miss this significant meal due to the lack of time and the rat race we live in. With this application we hope to overcome these difficulties and help everyone have a healthy and delicious morning meal.

May your mornings be as delicious as your breakfast!

More information about “SnoozEat” is found on our website and on our detailed pdf file.

Pdf file:




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