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The alternative way to combine exercise with cultural experience

In a context of a university project, we have created a team consisted of five members with the purpose of creating and promoting a new idea. We came up with the project “Fit Your Brain” which is an app that combines body healthiness and mind development. It is based on the Greek quote of “Νους υγιής ετ σώματι υγιή”, which means a healthy mind and a healthy body. Our main goal is to encourage people to take control of their lives. We intend to achieve that by creating an application that combine two fundamental values, athletism and culture.

Part 5.Storytelling

Being a college student, doesn’t always mean hanging out with friends or going to parties, sometimes it means a bunch of essays and a lack of money. Indeed, while disgusting with co-students, I realized how tricky the indepented life could be. Sometimes it’s hard to make friends, sometimes you find yourself stuck in front of a computer, doing nothing productive, or sometimes you forget all about your healthiness. Take me as an example; Preventing myself from being a totally couch potato I’ve started searching for a gym or a health club, only to discover how out of my budget they really were. It was those realizations that brought my friends and I-all having a strong interest in culture studies-to search for a solution that will combine all of those matters.

We wished to find out a clever idea, that could save us from spending all of our money on a gym, we would probably quip after a week or two-to be honest and that could also keep us motivated on our culture interests. Cause do you know how hard it is for a provincial student to keep up with all of the museums and the artistic events, especially in a brand new city? Well we do. It is hard and sometimes can be really frustrating. So we usually find ourselves composing amazing excuses to skip all of these and just stay home, while at the same time, life isn’t waiting for us and we are turning older. Do you want to turn 80 and have no memories at all? We know we don’t.

So we introduce you to Fit Your Brain an application that will change your life! Not on Monday but right now, right away! So wake yourself up! What are you waiting for? Let’s have an adventure! Built some memories, make new friends and return home proud, after a long, productive and energetic day, we will all remember. There’s no need to be just once. You can do it once a week, twice or as many times as you wish, as the choices are plenty.

You call your friends or try by your own, put on your athletic shoes! Let’s try! Don’t forget your camera, so you can shoot tons of photos! Join us in a whole new experience. Discover Athens with us while exercising! There are so many wonderful spots, so many amazing statues, colorful galleries and enlightening museums to find out and you are saving time on your busy, busy program as you combine both your mental and body healthiness. Not inside a claustrophobic gym, with those same, boring exercises, but in the open air, while joking, walking, cycling and the list goes!

We prepare for you, the perfect root, based on your very personal needs and preferences, to keep you going! The important thing to remember is that Fit Your Brain isn’t just an application. It is a lifestyle. Have you ever heard of the Greek quote of “Νους υγιής ετ σώματι υγιή”? It means the importance of the composition of body and mind healthiness. Beware though; our mission isn’t based on those starved, zero-sized models or six-packs show offers ‘prototype. It simply introduces you to a better way of living and constant self improvement, focused both on body and mind that will keep your heart pounding, happily! And so, this is also our motto; “Make a change”! Exchange your life with a better one, while changing your lifestyle.

Even though, this app is inspired based on a student‘s life struggles, it is not consumed only on that. You, that you are a foreign student, an immigrant, or tourist, hopping to discover Athens ‘ beauty and history, You, the 40 years old mother, having a strict program and lack of time, You the eldest, who have been suggested by the doctor to a light exercise, for all of you Fit Your Brain! It is so easy to use this application and you will never lose your track, with the specific roots, provided on the network’s maps. Most importantly for free! Cause we can’t base on money during these tricky days while the financial crises is on the rise, can we? So no more excuses to make a change and FIT YOUR BRAIN!


Part 1: Challenges and Vision
Part 2: Research Results
Part 3: Prototype Worksheet
Part 4: User Experience Map
Part 5: Storytelling

Team Members:

Agis Lamprakis (fb:
 Eirini Zaveli (fb:
 Georgina Georgakopoulou (fb:
 Filitsa Makri-Moutousi (fb:
 Hlianna Theodwrakopoulou (

AD Discovery Workshop: an experimental peer-to-peer learning hands-on workshop conducted by Betty Tsakarestou, Assistant Professor at the Department of Communication Media and Culture of Panteion Univeristy, Athens, Greece.

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