The Ad workshop experience

Fight it! Cure it! Deal with it!

My name is Salomi Sideri and I had the opportunity to work with Professor Betty Tsakarestou in the Ad workshop project. Mrs Tsakarestou is an Assistant Professor, Head of Advertising and PR Lab in Panteion University, Dept. of Communication, Media and Culture of Athens and for this semester she wanted her students to come up with innovative and interesting ideas for a startup campaign. And that’s what we did. Vaso, Christina and I are three undergratuated students of Journalism and Marketing. We combined our love for life and helping people and came along with the challenge of creating an organization which helps patients with four rare diseases ( Friedreich ataxia, Myositis, Young Alzheimer, Addison disease). Our desire? Great social impact!

So, as Christina said ( I will talk about our project’s marketing plan as well as the challenges and the competition that we faced.

Our first idea was to help patients as well as their parents and friends. So we decided that our future customers will be our patients that seek help and understanding and our users, people (e.g. generally volunteers, family members, friends) that want to help and generally provide psychological and mental support.

Furthermore, as we went through our team project, we came across some challenges and a lot of competition. Something that was really hard for us to handle was the difficulty of finding patients of the diseases that we worked on. Due to the fact that these cases are very rare and not so well known yet, the work that we had to was even more demanding. However that didn’t disappointed us, let alone, we felt even more willing and confident to continue our initiative.

In the same way worked the competition that we faced. As we were developing our project we found out that there are already many websites and non-profit organizations that work on this kind of projects and help patients, in Greece and globally. So it was clear from the beginning that we had to make our project unique and that’s the reason why we searched for all the -not so widespread- diseases.

To sum up, we must mention that we felt extremely happy that we worked on this. Our experience will help us with further projects and of course new goals and challenges.

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Thank you all and especially our coach Betty Tsakarestou (

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