The ad workshop experience

Fight it! Cure it! Deal with it!

Hello everyone!!
 My name is Vasiliki Dima and I had the opportunity to work with Professor Tsakarestou( in the Ad workshop project. Mrs Tsakarestou is our professor in Panteion University of Athens and for this semester she wanted her students to come up with innovative and interesting ideas for a startup campaign. And that’s what we did.Salomi, Christina and I are three undergraduate students of Journalism and Marketing. We combined our love for life an helping people and came along with the challenge of creating an organisation which helps patients with four rare diseases ( Friedrich’s ataxia, Myositis, Young Alzheimer, Addison disease). Our desire: great social impact.

On our first day at class Mrs Tsakarestou introduced us to the theme and what we were about to do. We found this project very challenging so we were all excited about it. We introduced ourselves and we started making teams. My team consists of 3 members, Christina( ) , Salwmi( and myself. We all already knew each other so we immediately arranged a meeting so as to decide our project and how we were going to bring it to life.

For all the projects, the things required are good willing and empathy. From personal experience, we knew that something should’ ve been done for patients with these illnesses.

So, it was a common call to pluck up the courage and deal with the problem. With pens in our hands and our determination we chose the diseases and decided that the people who suffer by them needed help from every possible source.

Then, we created facebook page so as to gather people and raise awareness. As a result we came in touch with patients with these diseases and interviewed them.

Our next move was to make a video about these ilnesses in order to inform and bring forward the patients’ problems!

My colegue Christina will inform you about the rest of the story about the map!

Bye from mee!

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