The Headquarters Pt. 2 — Learning Advertising & PR through Case Studies

Written by The Headquarter’s team members: Billy Mpakas & Αγγελική Κλήμη

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After highlighting the most important factors for making a communication or advertising agency, it is worth mentioning how we managed to delve deeply into the whole process via various case studies. From all the options that were within our reach we decided to occupy ourselves with a case study for: Ikea — ThisAbles, McCann,Spotify and Google now. All the time we spend during this research, it proved to be beneficial providing us with a deeper understanding of the whole subject.

First and foremost, we have our first case study of ‘’Ikea’s: ThisAbles’’ campaign that was featured in the Grand Prix Cannes Lions for Health and Wellness. The main purpose of this campaign was to enlighten the people about the technical innovations allowing those with disabilities to equally utilise home furniture intended for the general public. It is of high importance that this special group of people be treated the same and have the same opportunities in comfort as others. Through this campaign the company managed to successfully depict the special needs of a particular set of people as well as making a strong impact to the wider public indicating Ikea’s socially responsible character.

Read the whole Case Study here.

Our second case study focused on McCann Worldgroup, that was appointed by The Cannes Lions as the 2019 network of the Year. In short, McCann is an umbrella company that holds under a number of different agencies, tools, assets and disciplines, creating a network that facilitates advertising, creativity, technology, innovation and experimentation. McCann has eloquently set up an up to date website that features a plethora of campaigns that it has taken up, and provides the user as well as a company all the useful information required. It’s message: ‘’We help brands play a meaningful role in people’s lives.’’ McCann has cooperated with big budget corporations worldwide, such as Coca Cola, L’Oreal Paris and Microsoft, thus rendering itself as one of the most important and hardworking public agencies of today.

Read the whole Case Study here.

After our first two case studies, we decided to proceed with a big corporation, Spotify. Spotify is a music streaming service with millions of tracks delivering the right music at the right moment. How does it manage to achieve this one may ask. It consistently utilized AI technologies and recommendation algorithms, thus making the playlists tailored for all age groups worldwide. Furthermore it uses natural language processing to track online publications and social media to identify trends on time.It is a wide known fact that it has one of the most unique organizational structures out there. That agile organizational structure consists of squads, tribes alliances and guilds to run the business. That simple yet effective structure guides and inspires its employees to become highly committed and productive to the end measurable target. The factors that help make Spotify unique are that it offers a fun and easy to use interface, an extensive catalogue of artists and music and has the best device compatibility. Moreover, it offers a free with ads option, as well as the best integration of Social Media. Today, Spotify is the most popular global audio streaming subscription service with 271m users, including 124m subscribers, across 79 markets, making the company the largest driver of revenue to the music business today.

Read the whole Case Study here.

After dealing with Spotify, we turned our attention to Google and especially Google now. Google is one of the largest Internet services providers with applications such as Youtube, Google Maps, Gmail and Google Drive. Though it’s applications it aims to be available and accessible to all. Google Now is exactly a mobile app that gets users ‘‘just the right information at just the right time‘‘. The application works with the usage of cards that categorize important information such as music, sports and local weather. Google Now is an application that belongs to the Age of You. When talking about the Age of You we mean the access that the brands have to our data. As a main purpose they collect our data and enables them to personalize their marketing strategy to each individual. With this perspective consumers are in the spotlight. Each user is unique, focusing on the individuality and that is a main characteristic of all brands belonging to the Age of You.

Read the whole Case Study here.

We firmly believe that these case studies that we took the liberty and time of making will undoubtedly prove to be highly beneficial not only for our own personal growth but finally for our own customers. We must always and at all times bear in mind that there is room for improvement and the only thing that we must set out to do is to pursue the bettering of ourselves.

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The Headquarters Team Members: Panagiotis Theofanopoulos, Αγγελική Κλήμη, Billy Mpakas, Georgiats

Lab Professor: Betty Tsakarestou

The Headquarters Links: Website, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter



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