The Receptionist guide

After coming up with the idea of helping the tourists who are visiting a foreign country so as to suggest them where they may go, we had to create a name for our project. So we gathered together, in order to find a very catchy name. We spent a lot of time searching and discussing which is the most suitable for that. We exchanged a big variety of different ideas but we could not find the one that will make everyone of us pleased.

For that reason we asked ourselves. Who is the most helpful person during our holiday? Αll of us agreed that the key person is the receptionist of our hotel. When we arrive at a hotel, we ask the receptionist about the information, the details and the valuable places which worth visiting during our stay there. So, we decided to name our project as “Receptionist guide”.

Team members : lydia mpentros, Xaris Spyropoulos, Marios Orthodoxou, Κατερίνα Θανάση

Team’s mentor : Betty Tsakarestou

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