The Receptionist Guide

After we came up with the idea of our application and we gave it the name of “The Receptionist Guide”, we faced some major problems which were able to lead us to a dead end. Hopefully we managed to handle them, after a lot of thought and began constructing our application step by step.


1) Internet access

One serious problem we had to face was the access to the Internet. Most of the applications need access to the Internet and our first thought was the same. We took the access to the Internet for granted but then we realized that there are not many wi-fi hotspots established here in Greece. So the second thought that came to our minds was an application which would be independent of the Internet and users could have access to “The Receptionist Guide” offline. The only way to make this possible is to download the maps of the area you are going to visit, before you leave for your vacation and you are set to begin your journey.

Not many hotspots in our country

Another major problem that we discovered during the discussion of the application, was the uniqueness of this specific app and how it could be different from any other similar apps that exist on the Internet store. We then decided to combine along with the maps, some suggestions about the places that the user is able to visit and spend valuable his time. Places like restaurants, museums, ancient monuments, beaches and famous classic streets with shops and other. In other words, when you open the application and you choose the area you want to go, automatically a window pops up and suggests you, what is there to discover, making your trip much easier.

An example of the app


When the application will be launched, as a team we hope that “The Receptionist Guide” will be very helpful for any user who wants to visit our country. In this way, we want to promote the tourism of our country and approach more users to our application, separating it from other similar applications. Our goal is to achieve something different from any other application designer and complete successfully our project.

Ad Discovery Workshop
This article has been written for the purposes of a project, which was set up by Betty Tsakarestou for the Department of Communication, Media and Culture of Panteion University in Athens, Greece.
Team Members
Xaris Spyropoulos, lydia mpentros, Katerina Thanasi, Konstantinos Dragatsis, Marios Orthodoxou
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