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ADA Handle Partners with Iagon

We are extremely pleased to announce our newest partnership with Iagon!

The elephant-in-the-room-problem with crypto is that lots of decentralized protocols aren’t actually decentralized — they often depend on computing with centralized tech giants like Amazon, Google, IBM and Oracle.

All your favorite node operators that host on cloud providers, or use software from SaaS companies, could potentially be targeted and cut out of the market. This puts the core character of our industry in dire circumstances: indirect centralization.

How do we re-arrange the value stack to provide true and complete decentralization from top to bottom?

Iagon is a framework that will provide globally distributed computing power and storage for decentralized networks. With the power of IoT, edge computing, and mobile devices, there is a lot of compute power and data left on the fringes of networks.

Iagon seeks to provide economic incentives for individuals across the world to connect their unused devices to the network to process and store data.

The Partnership

As a part of this partnership, Iagon will add support for Handle address resolution directly within their platform!

As we both pursue the potential reality of enabling anybody in the world to participate in globally distributed networks and push power to the edges we are proud to build alongside Iagon.

Learn more about Iagon:

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We couldn’t be more excited to work with Iagon! For inquiries, please email



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