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Technical Update #3

Hello ADA Handle Community! We have been working down to the wire as we approach our Beta Sale tomorrow. We have a ton of things to talk about, but most importantly, if you have not read our most recent article from our Beta Launch University series, read it here.

Ecosystem Snapshot: We have made two new hires to help build out our infrastructure as we prepare for post-beta sale and beyond.

On the Handle Standard

The Handle Standard consists of our metadata structure, and looks like this (taken from Testnet):

cf12982ebad68a06d6b87be725c0c278a530301fa19df0544b210220: {
above: {
name: "$above",
description: "",
image: <url>,
core: {
og: 0,
termsofuse: "",
handleEncoding: "utf-8",
version: 0
augmentations: []

Let’s go through the attributes:

  1. name This is the official naming convention of this particular Handle.
  2. description This is a default property and points to our official website.
  3. image A URL for the corresponding Handle.
  4. core Is ADA Handle specific metadata. This includes a link to the Terms of Use, the specific Handle name encoding (for future possible differences), the current version for easy reference, and a unique attribute og . The OG attribute is a nod to the earliest adopters of ADA Handle, who pre-registered with their Twitter accounts.
  5. augmentations This is the future meat of the Handle Standard’s extendability. In the future, smart contracts will allow extra metadata to be applied to this section, specific to their respective features. You can think of Handle Augmentations as power-ups, such as associating social accounts with your Handle.

On Royalties

ADA Handle will have ongoing costs to maintain the API endpoints, the Handle Standard, working with partnerships to establish the naming structure, servers, development team, etc.

The sale of Handles will provide us with enough money to keep our services operational for the first year (or more) but we also need to consider options for a steady inflow of capital in response to overhead. All royalties will go directly to our treasury. This treasury will at some point be governed by a DAO.

As such, we have decided to include a 2% royalty, which is optional and only applicable if NFT marketplaces agree to implement. All P2P transactions will not contain royalties.

We are using the CIP-0027 “Standardization of Royalties.”

On our Terms of Service

Attached to each Handle, as noted above, will be a link to our Terms of Service. You can read the full Terms of Service on our website.

On Open-Sourced

We have officially flipped the switch from private to public on our GitHub repositories and are now officially open-sourced. This is with the except of our Express App, which handles minting and includes some sensitive data. Once we do a security audit on it, the repo will be made public like the rest.

Here is the link:



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