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Ada Ventures is hiring an analyst

Some of the Ada team, founders and community in June 2021
  1. Support us in our search for the best, boldest founders. The analyst will be involved in sector research, deal sourcing, investment screening and investment due diligence. Through direct website applications and our extensive network of scouts, angels, investors and friends of Ada, we recorded 300+ investment submissions in the second quarter of 2021. Our analyst would help to proactively source, record, screen and research these opportunities to make sure that each pitch receives the attention it deserves.
  2. Increase our efficiency. Part of this role will be about automating and scaling our processes, we are a small team with big ambitions and we need to build and use effective tools which can grow with us. Managing a venture capital fund like ours involves not just making investments, but also building communities with our scouts, angels, investors and wider ‘friends of Ada’ network. Our analyst would be able to ‘muck in’ and provide ongoing support, from collating data for investor reports, to helping to plan scout meet ups, in order to help us better serve our communities.
  3. Add to our vision for Open Venture. This is an entry-level position and no prior experience is necessary. We are intentionally seeking diverse minds to challenge and strengthen our decision-making: the applicant does not need to have a background in venture capital, finance, or come from a position of privilege. In fact — we are looking for diversity of input and background to challenge and stretch our teams thinking and we welcome applications from anyone, whatever your background. As long as you have an analytical mind and are able to work with complex data, and a passion for early stage technology we would love to hear from you.



Ada Ventures is a pre-seed/seed fund, investing in breakthrough ideas from overlooked founders and markets.

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Francesca (Check) Warner

Partner, Ada Ventures. Investing in breakthrough ideas for the hardest problems we face. Co-founder & CEO of Diversity VC.