Interview with СЕО of ADAB Solutions, 1st part.

Tell us about your company or companies.
ADAB Solutions is a company which task is to solve the problem of confidence in crypto assets using the interrelation of the Islamic finance theory, the work of Islamic scientists and modern blockchain technologies.
Our company will create an ecosystem for the efficient operation of the crypto market in the Muslim world. The project includes the FICE (First Islamic Crypto Exchange), ADABCRYPTO — an information portal about crypto assets and Islamic finance, ADAB Charity — a charitable blockchain fund, ADAB Project — a platform for launching halal crypto projects.

FICE is an exchange where traders from all over the world will be able to confirm their professionalism using a unique rating system operating on the blockchain. Increasing their rating, each user will be able to receive a good reward using the services of the exchange to scale their results, earn on their trading activity and trade without commissions.
This is the first crypto company, which will include an independent Shariah Board consisting of Islamic scholars, who will monitor the company’s work for compliance with Islamic finance and conduct research on the compliance of crypto assets with Islamic finance requirements.

How did you come up with this idea?
I had only 2 questions that I was concerned about while idea creation.
The first one was that the main idea of creating a blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is honesty and transparency, but a paradox arose, these important developments in the absence of regulation began to enjoy poor authority and there are reasons for that. It is necessary to solve this problem.

Second one is that Islamic finance is booming and data on the number of non-Muslim users clearly indicate that the basis of development have not only the religious context. Islamic finance is becoming an alternative to the classical financial system.
In this, I saw an opportunity to demonstrate that Islamic finance can find new niches, be at the forefront of the fintech industry. Thereby, many people will become users of the Islamic project, regardless of nationality or religion.

How did you promote your company in the early days?
In fact, we published only a few articles about our project, the rest thousands of publications about us have been written and released by media it self. A lot of reviews about our project can be found in Youtube. We attend various conferences around the world, implement profiles in several social networks and instant messengers.

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